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should Australia continue to be involved at war with ISIS?

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Started: 1/13/2015 Category: Politics
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Australia shouldn't continue to be at war with Iraq, as war was never an answer to a solution, it only worsenes the situation. By being at war, its effecting Australia's economic expenditures, as Australia is spending alot of money on the weapons, where instead it could be used somewhere else. For example that money could be useful for the research of ebola! Also, whats the point of trying to save other countries, if we our own country is falling in the trap of terrorism instead?

However, what Australia can do to save those innocencents by speeding and increasing Australia's taken in of refugees after making sure they have no terrorist backgrounds


1:War. If Australia is at war with ISIS, and ceases that war, it could very easily interpreted as ISIS winning that war. This would not only damage Australia's standing, it would also provide a great deal of support to the Islamic State. This debate is about continuing a war, not starting one. It would be highly destabilizing to surrender to the newest and most vicious terrorist organisation yet.

2: Funding. You have stated that the money used in war could have other purposes, but that is a very optimistic idea of how money is used. Money is not the issue behind Ebola, it is direct support , medical expertise and staffing, education for those at risk. You would have to cut down the military spending, providing benefits to the soldiers you were no longer using, train doctors to deal with contagions and then pplan what support to give.

3: Who to help. The problem also lies in who you want to help. ISIS will continue growth if left unchecked, saving refugees is a short sighted solution , as ISIS will only continue providing new refugees, all of which
require infrastructure to support.

To stop fighting this war now would be to implicitly surrender, which would cause more harm than a small amount of aid to Ebola stricken countries.
Debate Round No. 1


war was never an answer, instead of being at war with ISIS, Australia and US could secretly make a plan that will destroy ISIS, being at war will prove to ISIS that there plan of hurting people and getting our attention is working. "More forbiddingly, foreign air strikes will forge warring extremist groups into greater unity to focus on the common enemy: us" This war will brings out terrorism in Australia and puts its citzens at risk! Also if the money being spend on this war was surly going to give a solution and if it truly decreased the harsh situation in Iraq and Syria then no worries, because its being used on something that will definitly brings good results. But war was never the answer if it was then it couldve solved many other things, like the war in the middle east!


I'm not here to ask about beginning the war, the topic is about continuing it. You can't keep something like that secret either; ISIS only recently leaked US classified information online. Next up, it's not unity that is a risk; it's further agrression; something halted by air strikes. Yes, ISIS will attack any country that opposes it, but guess what? These are fundamentalists. It's a crime simply to not be Muslim to them. They'll target Australia eventually; giving up will only grant them confidence.

Yes, war is not always the best solution to a problem. The issue here is that ISIS has declared itself the Islamic State. This is literally a war between countries, and to leave the war now is to indirectly surrender to a warring nation, one which has no terms of surrender. This is not about who started it. It's about whether Australia should be there to finish it with its allies, or to admit defeat to an international terrorism group.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok it would be kind of embarrassing for Australia to admit defeat to an international terrorism group, but isn't more embarrassing that this war is going no where and its only increasing the hardships for those innocents? Instead of using our muscles to show that we are strong and can fight we should use our brain. ISIS will just keep on increasing, and by "thinking" that Australia is helping other countries they are really destroying their own.
As one Iraqi Christian Victim spoke out in the government “Our women are being taken as slaves and sold in the slave market” this war is not stopping those innocents from being persecuted or starved or kicked out of the home that they lived in all their lives. This war is making the nations forget about the key of it, that the reason those nations are at war against ISIS is to "save" those victims, but instead they are all just fighting and worsening the situations in those countries!

Instead of using war as a solution Australia could increase the chances of taking those innocents to Australia and protecting them, and Australia could work on the governments of those countries and try to improve them making them more inclusive!

We can never end a war with war!


The land ISIS has taken is through direct violence, which they have not stopped. I had the same stance as you on the previous war in the middle east, but as much as I hate to admit this; ISIS are not a force that can be reasoned with. They aren't a group that can be compromised with, and they're responsible for far worse than just slavery; they use child soldiers. But to focus on that as the main problem is to treat the symptoms and ignore the root of the problem. You help some women escape to Australia as refugees and ISIS will only take more women to replace them. These problems will continue until the Islamic State can be stopped, which can only be by conflict.

And finally, this isn't War as a solution. ISIS has declared the western world its enemy. It has made attacks in France, cyber attacks on the US and killed military prisoners from both America and Russia. The answer is not "war", it is Solidarity. We need to work together to face ISIS if we want to overcome them, and for Australia to back out of such solidarity would be to undo any good followed upon it.
Debate Round No. 3
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