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should FIFA implement video technology to referee football matches ?

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Started: 11/24/2015 Category: Sports
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A lot of controversial decisions are made in football such as allowing goals, unneeded red cards, undeserving penalties etc.. Should Football Follow the route of sports such as rugby and basketball into video referee or remain in its traditional roots.


Hello Youssef11e,

Fifa should not implement video technology to referee matches because it would disrupt the flow of the game. Since there are fewer starts and stops in soccer than in other sports, it would be difficult to have time to check every single thing over video. One of the main reasons that soccer is enjoyable to watch is that the game flows better than football or basketball.

In football and basketball, the rules are more clear cut where as in soccer, a foul call is determined by the leniency or strictness of the referees. Fouls in soccer are interpreted differently based on the match referee but in basketball a foul is a foul, period.

On the topic of allowing goals, because this is one of the more clear cut aspects of the game they are already beginning to implicate goal line technology so there would be no need for cameras there. As for the unnecessary red cards, most leagues are able to see if it was indeed a red card and if not, can eliminate the 1 or 2 match ban.
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Posted by Nivek 2 years ago
No, life's too boring for that. Id rather watch Howard and his titanium biceps beat the sh!t out of non manu teams than watching 60 minutes of worthless football
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