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should all illegal immigrants get amnesty

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Started: 11/21/2014 Category: Politics
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Should all illegal immigrants get amnesty


I would like to begin this round by laying down one fact. First, there are between 7 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Additionally, I would like to ask my opponent one question: if all these illegal immigrants came into the United States legally, would you turn any away, and would you be supportive of them? America was, of course, founded by immigrants, and is currently populated with the sons and daughters of immigrants, so I think most Americans should be supportive of immigration in principle. Because my opponent has not stated his opinion on this idea, I will assume that he or she is supportive of large-scale legal immigration unless he or she were to say otherwise in a response.

This preface leads me to the following argument:

Illegal immigrants are often portrayed as being leeches who suck away American jobs, and in most other scenarios, I would be against illegal immigrants. They don't pay taxes, and receive much of the benefits normal citizens do receive. However, I believe the current illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty for one reason: if you are poor, it is nearly impossible to immigrate legally, let alone become an American citizen. Many of America's immigrants in the past would not have been able to immigrate legally, because they would be too poor in the current system. To immigrate legally, you need all sorts of documentation, and while I believe these papers are a noble attempt to stop the people like drug dealers from getting in to America, most of these Latin American immigrants simply do not have the paperwork necessary. When you are living in total poverty under an oppressive government, it is difficult to keep track of things like birth certificates, if you even had them in the first place.

Therefore, I believe that until the immigration process stops becoming a bureaucratic nightmare, all illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty. In addition, the United States should allow its immigration process to be more open, and allow immigration on a larger scale.
Debate Round No. 1


To answer my opponent's question. Many of the illegal immigrants that are here in this country did so by legal means example per visa. But those documentations have so expired and are willingly staying in this country illegally and knowingly. So no I do not support them being in this country when there documentations have expired and there now here illegally.

*Medicaid used by illegal immigrants.
Illegal immigrants accounts for 42% of Medicaid growth since 2011. Most cases are of illegal parents with children born of US. So the parents came to the US and had a child here in order to stay enabled to get assistance through the governemnt. In other countries there are laws in place where it protects the nation from these types of acts and if child is discovered to be of illegal parents and if the child does not meet the requirements per law then child is not recognized as citizen of that country and all will be deported under varying circumstances. In 2012 immigrants on medicaid increased annually attributed to cost of 9 billion.

Approximately $12 billion a year is spent on illegal children for primary and secondary schools and an additional $17 billion on illegal parents with american born children.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 30 percent of federal prisoners are not U.S. citizens. At a cost of $63 a day, taxpayers spend more than $3 million every day to house non-U.S. citizen dollars in our federal prisons. Most are thought to be illegal aliens.

90 billion a year is spent on illegal immigrants on social welfare programs annually.

A five year cost of mass deportation would be estimated $239 billion

approximately 4.5 million illegal immigrants drive in the US on a regular basis. Now I wasn't able to find the statistics of accidents, DUI, DWI, etc. How will you proceed if you are in an accident with an illegal immigrant who more than likely will not be insured?? Will you sue them? How there here illegally. Will you contact there insurance comany? Since there here illegally they will not have insurance. Will you call the police? What will they do?.
Approximately 13 americans killed per day by illegal immigrants which is an approximate of 4,745 a year.

Quote "In 2010, the U.S. Border Patrol reported 212,202 illegal aliens were caught in the Tucson sector alone. The Border Patrol admits for everyone captured, another 2.7 make it into the United States undetected. Of the individuals who are apprehended, as many as 30% of them already have a criminal record in the United States."
in 2006 illegal immigrants sent back approximately 45 billion dollars out of the US. That could be money spent here in support of the economy that there making a living off of.

I conclusion the money spent in the short run to deport all of the illegal aliens might be tremendous. But in the long run would save american tax payers money and decrease american spending to accomodate for the illegal alieans drastically.

Once this is accomplished a complete re-haul of the immigration policy can be accomplished at a faster rate and control the legal and illegal immigrants entering this at a much higher successful rate. Since we will be able to look at past faults and set-in place a tighter security on tracking the individuals here legally so that the issue at hand can be handled swiftly.
In advance i apologize for misspelling i am doing this by phone and taking much much longer to do all the research.


My opponent did not quite answer my question of whether he or she thought that large scale immigration is good in principle. My opponent only stated that most immigrants got here legally, but are currently staying on expired visas, and are thus illegal. I doubt the validity of this statement, but given that this issue is not extremely important, I will let it slide.

The United States federal government should grant illegal immigrants amnesty for two reasons; for economic and for moral reasons. The rest of my argument will be spent dealing with why granting amnesty is not only an economically preferable strategy, but is also the right thing to do.

Much of my opponent's argument is spent on spewing statistics stating that illegal immigrants are costing Americans money, and I agree. However, it is important to acknowledge that all of these problems are due to a large influx of people who don't pay taxes, not due to the fact that they are somehow more troublesome. Therefore, these economic issues will disappear as soon as these people start paying taxes. Granting amnesty would make these people legal, and would require them to pay taxes, so it would solve the problem. Nevertheless, inn dealing with these economic losses, the United States has three options:
1) Grant amnesty
2) Deportation
3) Ignore the problem
I think my opponent would agree with me when I say the ignoring the problem is a bad option, and will only lead to greater economic loss and systematic problems. Therefore, the choice is between granting amnesty and deportation. My opponent provided his or her own evidence saying that the systematic deportation of millions of illegal immigrants would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. What my opponent does not provide evidence for, however, is for the claim that the United States would be somehow save money in the long run, because the federal government would be more able to manage immigration. This argument does not make any sense, because the economic problems that currently exist are systematic, and will continue to exist as long as illegal immigrants keep getting into America.

My opponent provided evidence stating that the United States currently spends billions educating illegal immigrants. Clearly, these immigrants have settled in for the long haul, they are sending their children to American schools! They clearly are intent on staying in America, so if a mass deportation occurs, then these immigrants will just cross the border again, legally or illegally, because they have invested in an American life. Even if the immigration system were reformed after a mass deportation, as my opponent contends, there will still be well-meaning families who will simply go right back to where they were, because my opponent provided evidence stating that for every illegal border-crosser that gets caught, 2.7 make it through. The barrier preventing them from achieving it is the current bureaucratic stranglehold. Granting amnesty would remove this bureaucratic problem, and therefore, would lead to a preferable economic outlook to the status quo, because these immigrants would now be legal, and would pay taxes. My opponent' plan of mass deportation would not solve the current economic problems, because immigrants would continue to enter into the United States, and even if the plan did solve, granting amnesty is the preferable option because it achieves the same results and does not lead to the high costs associated with a mass deportation.

Furthermore, amnesty is a more humane option. Crossing the US-Mexico border is a traumatic experience, undergone by people in search of a better life. They are unable to cross the border legally, and so they risk everything for hope. These people are clearly very strong, and are not out to "steal American jobs" (I put that in quotes not to quote my opponent specifically, but rather to quote the stereotypical battle cry of the anti-immigration camp). My opponent argues that a mass deportation would be a better outcome for everyone in the long run, but this argument is not logical. Such a mass deportation would lead to either the repetition of the same problems, or will achieve the same outcome as granting amnesty, but on a longer timeframe and with greater economic cost.
Debate Round No. 2


Possibly 40% came to US legally and are now here illegally for some.

Also opponent has stated i didnt quite answer his question
""if all these illegal immigrants came into the United States legally, would you turn any away, and would you be supportive of them?
I answered "Many of the illegal immigrants that are here in this country did so by legal means example per visa. But those documentations have so expired and are willingly staying in this country illegally and knowingly. So no I do not support them being in this country when there documentations have expired and there now here illegally.

To your otger statement of if all of the illegal immigrants were to becone us citizens then they would be able to pay taxes and more revenue for the government. Buf here is the thing majority of the illegal immigrants are below the poverty line. So realistically they would not pay taxes since they don't make enough to pay taxes or if they do pay tax it would be so miniscule that it wouldnt be noticed. Now if you are under the poverty line you wouldn't pay taxes or if you did it would be very small but the government would actually pay you more for refund then you would pay, if you are paying taxes. Depending on how many kids you have, if you have 4 children i think its betwen 10k-12k. Now that they are citizen it is open doors for all newpy us citizen to apply and get all of the welfare programs available to us citizens. This will sky rocket the us debt in order to sustain this level of cost deficiency. As per your statement of being humane. You don't see people giving away all of there assets or money for humane purpose they do what they can but there family comes first. I really dont have to much sympathy for the ones that came here breaking a FEDERAL LAW and ezpevting something back in return. Who i do have sympathy for are the ones trying to do the right thing and come here legally, but now is harder to the that because of the amount of illegals in this coubtry. Same concept us is drowning in debt and society is further crumbling and us is not coming or showing it is trying to climb out of the defecit but bury itself further.
Also criminal activities by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are roughly 5% of the US population but cause 25% of crimes in the US. That is a staggering data for such a small portion of the US population. So if all illegal immigrants were deported rape, murder, robbery, and general crimes would drop 25%.

A issue of amnesty is this will put a golden plate in peoples mindset. Is that i have a chance because of amnesty i can become a US citizen. This news will spread around the world and everyone will have the same idea. Come to the US you will be granted citizenship if your here long enough and it may become not 7-20 million but 20-60 million within a decade. Yes we both agree the system is broken. But putting more control over the borders, more patrol in the coast, and a better way to track the legal immigrants in this with deporting all of the illegal immigrants will be taxing in the beginning but as time progresses it will balance itself out. The defecit with social welfare will fall the schooling cost will fall and put more money into school books upgrades and possible teachers salary.

That is what in my opinion a logical step. In other countries this is not an issue illegals found are deported back immediately, of uou have a child in some countries and they are under 7 they are not recognized as that countries citizen and deported back to the parents country (most cases its within the first year or at when the mother gave birth at the hospital to verify citizenship, and they are not given any welfare or help from the government. Since 1. They broke a law coming into the country illegally and technically a fugitive. 2. Not a citizen and only citizens of the country will be given priority. Which is why US is first choice they can get all of those for free. Come to US you can get free food free housing a new life government help.


Have you ever seen the movie The Purge? In this movie, the government gets rid of crime and poverty by basically killing all the poor people. Your main points in your last argument stated that by GETTING RID OF the illegal immigrants, violent crime would drop by 25%. Also, that because these immigrants are poor, they would just mooch off America's welfare system. What happened to
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door
Give me your tired, your poor, your tired, poor."

My opponent's fundamental arguments are no longer specific to illegal immigrants, they are just about poor people, of which illegal immigrants are a large proportion of. Even if these immigrants would harm the economy, it is America's responsibility to take care of the world's poor who seek her aid. America has, for years, built a reputation on the idea that we will take the world's huddled masses.

I do not support a purge of America's poor in order to help the economy. I also believe in America's integrity, that this nation is able to uphold its principles, even when it costs us money. Therefore, I am strongly against any sort of mass deportation.
Debate Round No. 3


Yes I have seen the movie purge and no this is nothing like the that movie. I am stating on deportation not mass murder. I am stating that the ones who cross the border or sea and came here illegally in the first place broke a federal law. The ones that came here legally and staying here illegally also broke the law. That is why they are considered illegals cause they are here illegally, they broke a law, they broke a federal law, and they broke the LAW. I am stating a trickle affect in with mass illegal immigrants that are here illegally and undocumented in which there is a strain and burden being placed upon america economically. Most other countries bring in immigrants for A. highly skilled position. B. lower wage income. In which after there visa expires and there expertise are no longer needed there kicked out of the country if it is possible. Or is that wrong also that if they want to stay here then there is no problem. But like I have stated it is a drain on the economy. This is all factual and documented. Not some idealistic opinion does truly holds no weight. If that was the case then why are these countries have harsher laws in there country to curb incline of illegal immigrants Japan, Canada, Denmark, Latvia, UAE, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Australia, Italy, and etc..... If it is so good to have illegal immigrants in the country then why are so many countries besides the US trying to get the illegal immigrants out of there countries, attempting to catch people on expired visas, offering illegal immigrants money to go back to there own countries, automatically deporting them if there illegal immigrants, creating laws to not recognized children in there countries if they meet certain requirements, not giving them social or welfare support if they are illegal, and etc...... Why do you think america is the prime place to go to because money is infinite in america and if you come here you wont have to worry like in other countries. Well money isn't infinite here welfare is taking over and becoming more of a burden, healthcare is becoming more of a burden, more tax payers money is going towards supporting the welfare, programs are being cut to welfare. Other countries do not have this issue because they put there foot down and if ILLEGALS are in there country ILLEGALLY (Breaking the law) there are taken back to there country or possible have there visas renewed, they are given a hefty fine and possible jail sentence.
If it is so good to have the illegal immigrants stay in the country then why is majority of the industrial nations doing the opposite? Why are they not giving them amnesty? Why is US the only ones that are willing to do so much more than the rest of the world? Is it because they see us going broke and they don't want to be put in that predicament? Even some leaders of other countries have mentioned or poked fun of US being a welfare state.

I have given you statistics on, evidence of heightened crime rate, financial burden on US economy, burden on social welfare systems, educational systems, healthcare, billions of dollars going elsewhere instead of helping america's economy.
Now I will ask my opponent in this day and age what proof do you have that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is helping a country. Per example are they financially helping a country, made the country more appealing, wealthier, more ingenuity, not burdening the educational system, healthcare, and etc?


speedofart forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


nothing else to say


speedofart forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Deporting them is not at all impossible.It is just not politically expedient to do so. The democrats see them as a large voting block which keeps many of them in power. Since they are seen as the entitlement party. It wouyld be very easy to stop it. Just levy huge fines on anyone that hires one.And then build 2 fences on the southern border with a mine field in-between. The solution is simple. The will to do it is not.
Posted by rich123 2 years ago
I would apologize for misspelling or if certain parts seemed jumbled. I was typing and researching on my phone.
Posted by ffchang 2 years ago
this is impossible
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