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should books be replaced with tablets

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Started: 2/27/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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ok these are my arguments if you accept this debate.

if tablets were to replace school text book it will save the amoun of material thtat is used within a class as in pencils pare erasers ect. leaving space for teacher accomadation and more extra curricular activity to be done more freely.

if this goes out it will also reduce the expense of material needed to be bought by teachers saving them 65% of what they buy because tablets can hold 1000 of book with only using up to 1 gigabyte this mean new edition to the text book is no longer need which cost about 75 to 100 dollar for one and imagine ttat times 10 for evrey new edition and every new year while tablets ajust every time.

faster and easier learning time
if tablets are used they can help student learn thhe lesson faster not only are they equipped with useful tools to help the kids but a more modern way of learning usin the internet to reesearch which will not be used to play games because of parental locks from unacedemic sites but for school.


Hi, I accept. First, since you did not provide a definition for school (even if it is not mentioned in the topic, it is still a major part of the debate) I will define school as k-12 public schools.

I will refute in the second round so I will give you my contentions now.

Contention 1: Unfeasible
What I mean by this is that is will be IMPOSSIBLE to enforce this as the nation is already in a crisis and has a 16 trillion dollar debt. Imagine all the schools in the country and all the tablets needed. An average tablet costs 500$ and the total amount of public schools in the nation is 98,817, nearly a hundred thousand (National Center for Educational Statistics). For every school, there must be around 100 tablets for everyone to use. 100*500*98,817= nearly 5 billion money spent. That is a lot of money and can harm our economy and deficit. Therefore we can either harm our economy or do not do this at all. We cannot harm the economy and even if we did, it would be detrimental.

Contention 2: Tablets are harder to use
This is because writing (which children have done all their life) is much more familiar to them than typing on a virtual keyboard. Writing things is much faster than jamming thumbs and pudgy fingers onto a screen. Research have shown that writing develops motor skills while typing on a keyboard (a virtual keyboard even worse) will not.

Contention 3: Prone to breakage
Textbooks can be taken home and used for homework, while ipads cannot. They are extremely easy to break and will cost the federal government even more money to pay for new ones which will hurt our economy even further. Therefore we either 1. cost the government even more money or 2. ban homework, which inflicts a huge damage to our education system.

Contention 4: Hurt textbook and pencil companies (and notebook companies as well) etc.
Pencil and textbook companies like Ticonderoga and Houghton Mifflin will go bankrupt as the need for their products will go down until the need is no longer needed. Also, notebook companies (five star), binder companies, eraser companies (Pink Pearl), companies that sell stationary supplies (staples, office max), scantron and star test (tests will be done on tablets), Binder paper companies, paper companies in general, and much more (I can go on and on) will go bankrupt, therefore harming our economy even FURTHER and destroying the learning environment we have grown up in and loved by replacing it with one where toddlers the age of 6 use ipads. This is the educational apocalypse. Even though replacing books with tablets seems like a minor thing, it will start a technology age of learning and will totally crush the learning system where you use a pencil and paper.

To sum it all up, replacing books with tablets harms the economy (a lot), isn't really possible, hurt and spoil our future generation, and destroys tons of stationary companies. As you can see, these combined has a major impact that is totally not worth the benefits, which I accidentally sort of refuted in my contentions. Oops. Sorry, man. But anyways, this is obviously detrimental and books should not be replaced with tablets.

Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


refutes: 1. unfeasible
You say this will be impossible to enforce because of the 16 trillion dollar debt but do know that the 45 states that the NCLB (No child left behind) obtained data from spending a total of 669 million per year on school assesment as in from pencils to booksand also E-textbooks can save schools between $250-$1,000 per student per year. 9 Tablet prices also continue to drop, making them increasingly affordable. Tablets cost on average $489 in 2011, $386 in 2012, and are projected to cost $263 in 2015. (10(11). This shows that this money their spending is not going to help the debt at all but if tablets are used its one time thing you have all the books you can possibly need pencils and any school material on one little device. so think about the long term goal will this not lower the amount of materaial we spen every year thus lowering the debt you tell me if you rather buy millions of books pencils and other material when you can buy one device that contains them all.

refutes:2. Tablets are harder to use
Actually if you havn't notice that todays teens and children are all about technology and with the modern uses like the virtual key board is alot easier to use because if 93% own phones 70% with labtops how hard is it really going to be to type on a virtual keybaord. And if they cant i think they should have the capability to do so and Employment in "computer and information systems" is expected to grow by 18% between 2010-20, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics so this will make them better preparefor the world immerse in technology.

refutes:3. Prone to breakage
Actually the new improvement in tablets are now giving them an almost unbreakable feature that unless the child puyrposely trey to break them will leave lesss then a mark. But i think the children of today are suffisticated enough to respect something that will furthur there education even more then a text book can. And also textbooks can be ripped apart if a child would try but have seen someone ripping a tablet in half? i think not.

refutes: 4. Hurt textbook and pencil companies
I dont know if you knew that most of the companies that you listed are private companies meaning they are not using any money from the econmy so generally who cares im not trying to be mean or anything but its the overall perspective to see that since there is no need for those companies we can use that opputunity to built more companies that will help tablets and there success. Ands what exactly is wrong with toddlers having a head start on there learning i mean do you think that they are not capable of becoming the future leaders based on there view of being a adolescent. well shame on you for not having faifth in America.And lastly the age of technology has already beganed with its learning i mean is it wrong to evolve the system of learning to something much greater.



robertqiu forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


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robertqiu forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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