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should female athletes get paid the same as male counterparts

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Started: 8/14/2013 Category: Sports
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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female athletes should get the same privaledge as males to recieve the same amount of pay because everyone is equal and should not have more important players as it is unfair to everyone else. men think they are the best at everything and that doesnt mean that they should get more money than females because they are pretty amazing and girls spend just as much time and effort in their sport and training as males do so they should not be underestimated on their skill so it shouldnt affect their prize money.


Female athletes certainly do have the same privileges (and it's spelt privileged instead of privaledge), by privileges I mean they are fully entitled to play sports professionally, and everything is almost similar, accept for the amount they are currently earning in general. However, a majority of professional sports have always been male dominated, but this is no excuse for females being ostracized.

The reason male athletes earn more money is because male sports generate a greater annual revenue,therefore, teams can afford to pay male athletes a greater amount. By greater revenue, I am referring to people in attendance in a stadium, sales of merchandise, media attention, and the fan base of the particular team. Professional female sports in general do not generate as great of attention as professional male sports, thus, the franchise, team, or association can only pay their athletes a sum of money that is earned (same goes for male sports). If professional female hockey generated the same amount of publicity as professional male hockey, without a doubt they would earn the same amount as men; but if the money is not there, it is not possible.

Let us use the National Basketball Association for example. You say everyone is equal, but simply, this is not the case. I am not strictly referring to women, but men too. Take a look at Kobe Bryant, he is paid a great amount because of his excellent talent; referring to his skill set, he is superior than say, a rookie who has just joined the team and does not have the same skill set or level of popularity. Kobe Bryant can be paid a great sum because he is on a popular team that generates a leading annual revenue and can afford to do so, and because he is an eminent player.

If we take a look at the WNBA, none of the professional female athletes are equally paid because (just like male sports) their skill set and team revenue determines their salary. The top professional female basketball players' salary is based off of how much her team can afford and her level of popularity as a player (but this goes for all sports).

If you think that there "should not (be) more important players as it is unfair to everyone else", perhaps the nature of sports is not for you. The indispensable factor in professional sports, regardless of whether it's female or male, is to win. The best way to win games is to have good players, and the best players make more because their talent excels beyond their contemporaries.

"(M)en think they are the best at everything", I feel no need to comment on the bias absurdity of this comment. You have not backed this up, and cannot reassure this comment with facts.

In conclusion, male sports generate a greater amount of money, which in turn, allows that certain associations, leagues, and etc. to pay their players more than professional female sports. If female professional sports generated as much income as some male sports, females would be paid the same amount, however, if the money is not there it cannot happen.
Debate Round No. 1


Kita forfeited this round.


My points extend forward.
Debate Round No. 2


how do you know that? Girls are just as good as boys especially in cricket. girls seem to go further then the males! people shouldnt be so biast geez people!!!!!!


My points extend into the conclusion. I would also like to add, based off my facts in the earlier round, that females should not get paid the same amount as male counterparts because simply, the money being generated in women's sports is not nearly as much as in male sports to provide such salaries.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dashy654 5 years ago
Whether or not a female athlete is as good, or even better, as a male athlete has nothing to do with it. The debate is on whether or not females should be PAID as much as male athletes. And the fact is that the salary athletes get is based on the revenue the sports get.
Posted by Kita 5 years ago
well it does it point exactly what i am learning in school and to be tough are enough
Posted by dashy654 5 years ago
There is a very clear reason why men make more money in sports. It has nothing to do with anything PRO has argued.
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Reasons for voting decision: Morally yes, however con literally schooled pro. The spelling from pro was bad enough to distract from his limited points. Forfeited round. Argument summery (restated from R2, and dropped by pro): "the money being generated in women's sports is not nearly as much as in male sports to provide such salaries."