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should fine arts be required for high school studentts

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Started: 11/23/2015 Category: Arts
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I do not think fine arts should be required for high school students because some people aren't into art or band and find extra classes a waste of time I agree .if you have all your other REQUIRED class you have to take why take something that's not going to be needed in every day life like 2-D drawing and simple stuff that most people don't care about because they don't see it being used in or at work, life .


Resolved: Fine arts should be required for High school students

I would first like to address your statement: "if you have all your other REQUIRED class you have to take why take something that's not going to be needed in every day life like 2-D drawing and simple stuff that most people don't care about because they don't see it being used in or at work, life".
I would like to present evidence from Amarillo Globe News that

""Fine arts courses are just as essential as every other part of the required curriculum," said State Sen. Florence Shapiro, chair of the Senate Education Committee at a press conference. "In fact, fine arts courses are becoming increasingly critical in preparing students for the 21st-Century work force." During the last legislative session in a joint briefing to the House and Senate, business author Dan Pink advised legislators that the 21st-Century work force belongs to creative right-brain thinkers for whom the arts are a cornerstone of their development. Within that briefing, a NASA ISS systems engineer, an IBM master inventor and an AT&T executive echoed Pink's convictions."

Now this directly contradicts your statement that Arts Courses aren't going to matter later in life. I would also like to counter your argument with this piece of logic: While you may not be drawing or painting for your job, there are studies that show that proactively engaging in and creating art leads to better brain function, according to a study from the University Hospital of Erlangen, studying the effects of art classes on the brain ""The improvements in the visual art production group may be partially attributable to a combination of motor and cognitive processing. Other recent fMRI studies have demonstrated enhancements in the functional connectivity between the frontal, posterior, and temporal cortices after the combination of physical exercises and cognitive training. The participants in our study were required to perform the cognitive tasks of following, understanding, and imitating the visual artist"s introduction. Simultaneously, the participants had to find an individual mode of artistic expression and maintain attention while performing their activity. Although we cannot provide mechanistic explanations, the production of visual art involves more than the mere cognitive and motor processing described. The creation of visual art is a personal integrative experience "- an experience of 'flow,' " in which the participant is fully emerged in the creative activity."

In simpler terms this says that there is a significant link between art classes and an increase in brain function. This directly negates your point that art will not matter or be used in or at work or life. Having shown with reliable evidence that actually art and art classes are highly beneficial if not necessary for success in the modern job world. Students may not necessarily like classes, but that does not make them any less important. If a student hates math or finds it not necessary, do we let them drop the class? No. If a student hates English and only wants to be a mathematician, do we let them skip it? No, and the reasoning behind these two examples and the entire existence of required classes is to make sure the School and the educators can provide a stable, well balanced base from which students can launch their careers, which becomes impossible if students have dropped what has been called by multiple business professionals before the senate "increasingly critical in preparing students for the 21st-Century work force.". You may never use factoring after Algebra II, you may never need to be able to explain the implications of the battle of Stalingrad, but what you will need, is the skills and tools they give and teach you. The same applies to art class.

Having negated all of my Opponent's points, and having shown that Art class and the skills learned in art class are a critical part of the 21st century worker, and that art class makes connections within the brain that allow for better function, I strongly urge a Pro ballot in this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


bedailey100 forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Peepette 2 years ago
If I didn't have other debates going, I'd take this one on. Fine arts should be required because art represents culture and thought. To understand a past or current culture , its politics, mores and values, one needs to look at the art. Art also teaches a method of thinking differently, conceptually; a different way of seeing and interpreting. Thought processes are more than remembering facts and figures; thought is also philosophical, and abstract which is made representational through art. It leads to a more diverse understanding of people, culture, history and the human condition.
Posted by bedailey100 2 years ago
no it shouldn't be required
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