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should halo be bumped down on the rating system from M to T

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Started: 3/29/2013 Category: Entertainment
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first of all this is my first debate.
I think it should for
1 halo has no sexual references and no drugs or suggestive themes

2 unlike COD in halo there is only mild swearing and although the blood level is high some games I've seen have more Gore (COD)

I wait for the counter argument for this topic.


I would like to thank the opponent and any commentators who will be watching.

Firstly, although all the Halo games have little or no sexual references or drugs, the main focus of rating it M15 is an intention that so Xbox players can choose something that's mature and challenging and within their gaming level (e.g. violence, sci fi, etc...). This rating is not entirely based on how much gore or blood there is, but is in fact what it should be played by for the experience. The concept of the Halo series is a hard one to grasp and requires a decent level of understanding, so as to be safe they have to rate it M15.

Secondly, even though there is less swearing, blood violence and other aspects compared to Call of Duty, it still falls under the category of mature audiences regardless of how much there is.
Debate Round No. 1


All good points, however I've heard of people in 3rd grade beating halo within 24 hours of getting it. I've also played a game with more swearing and mature situations that was teen.


As implied before, the target market is those aged 15 and above meaning that it is intentional but not necessary. The point of ratings is to set it in a generalised age group of what the producers think would be appropriate. I'm not saying children can't play, but the generalised idea of children under 15 is that violence, blood/gore and guns are still inappropriate to them, despite if a child has completed the game or not.

" I've also played a game with more swearing and mature situations that was teen."

- You need to back up that idea with evidence, but all I can say is that there may be other suggestive themes in Halo that put it in M15.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for pointing out my mistake. But my entire point is that so many people under 15 play halo that ESRB should lower the rating because it doesn't matter if it is M. People are still going to play it, and call of duty 2 (ww2) is T for
Blood, swearing, and violence. Halo is M for Blood and violence.


"But my entire point is that so many people under 15 play halo that ESRB should lower the rating because it doesn't matter if it is M"

- As I pointed out before, the rating used for target marketing. Children under 15 aren't restricted to playing Halo or any other games, it's just not entirely intended for them. Also, parents may care for what thier child is playing, and you're saying that it doesn't matter what the rating of a particular game is because 'so many' people play it, but it may be a concern for parents because of influences or suggestive themes. That's another reason why appropriate ratings are important, and in the case of Halo as you mentioned above, it has a degree of blood and violence.

In the point of the game you're mentioning, the traits might be restricted down enough to fall in the rating T, so as to target young gamers, but it still doesn't relate to why Halo should be rated lower.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ishallannoyyo 4 years ago
Just cause COD has more gore does not mean that Halo does not have sufficient gore to make it a M game.
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