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should homework be banned/reduced

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Started: 4/4/2015 Category: Education
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I think homework should be banned or reduced to certain parameters in schools. While homework does increase knowledge, school takes about 8 hours of the day's time away, plus the time our transport takes. Homework has always won in the war against sleep, lowering productivity of children and lesser chances of understanding what is being taught. Homework is often given as small assignments from all subjects, adding up to a gigantic pile. Deep sleepers may even miss school due to sleeping late. There should be a certain limit how much homework can be given in a day.


As time consuming as excessive homework may seem, it has a number of advantages.

Our brain is like any other muscle in the body, it requires constant and tiring practice to grow and develop. Therefore, it is only when we pressurise our brain that actual development will occur. If we forever do only how much we find convenient, our brain growth will stagnate.

The amount of homework being given in schools teaches the students the importance of time management and deadlines, prepares them to undertake pressure in their lives, and enables them to become responsible, self-reliant and punctual.

Homework given in every subject helps the student evaluate their level of understanding of what was taught at school and know how much harder they are expected to work. Solving a large number of problems of the same and of different kinds sharpens the students brain and prepares them for all possible problems.

Homework also helps the student remember concepts in a clearer manner by reinforcing them via direct concept and application based questions. It helps the student summarise all that happened that day at school and reiterate important facts and points.
Debate Round No. 1


You have categorized the brain as a machine, and it needs constant practice or else it will rust. But the same way, over-exercise ruins the body, and I think the same apply to the mind as well. Although work is needed, as much as we hate to believe, too much work would lead to breakdown under pressure. Moreover, I have saw my friends who weren't able to complete homework seemed to start believing homework wasn't important, and the unfortunate miss of 1 subject made them think the consequences aren't severe, and now they don't do any work of any type.
Also, some work often requires memorization. While developing memory is a good skill, it can make thinking go stagnant, and when an actual problem comes, the student has lost the thinking ability required. It does reinforce concepts, but it makes actual learning go away.
Another point is the progress in arts and sports. The time consumed by homework makes arts and sports practice unfeasible, for these subjects are much more fun than others, and usually don't give much work. As time passes, even my sport skills have significantly reduced in trade for time for studying.
If homework was banned or reduced, children would start liking school more, for they don't need it to be their life. Even at home we study, even in class we study, I wonder have we been made for studying day and night? If too much homework wasn't given that day, my friend would have been much more diligent than he is now for even if not doing homework has consequences, they aren't TOO severe, and we might as well spend that evening chilling with friends rather than doing work.


It is important to define 'over-exercising' here. Let me draw an analogy to homework and eating. As we keep growing older, the amount we eat keeps increasing. If we were to compare the quantities we ate in our primary classes to the amount we are eating now, we would define ourselves as over-eating. It was never that throughout our primary classes, we weren't given any homework. Its just that since our brain has developed that much, we can do that much more work. We have just never found an interest in homework as much as eating, that we think we are 'over-exercising' right now. Our teachers, after all, have been in our shoes in their childhood, and know how much homework is too much, and hence would never give us 'excessive' homework.

To the argument regarding homework being treated as not important. True, when one has a substantial amount of homework, then missing one accidentally does tend to happen. But then not doing work of any type is highly unlikely when teachers regularly check for homework. The consequences from teachers may not seem severe, but the poor performance in examinations is probably enough.

Our life may be divided into a number of phases, each with a purpose. Our primary schooling years may be for getting started on a sport or fine art, but our secondary years are definitely to master our academics. If one would rather chill out with friends at this time, then they are wasting precious study hours, for chilling with friends can be done at any time.

It is important to note that homework is not of just one type. As you mention yourself, SOME work involves memorisation. The rest is either practice or conceptual in nature, as I have already mentioned. So the actual 'learning' is in no way diminished.

To fine arts and sports, it is very much possible to find time to complete both homework and practice, and this calls for effective time management. Manjul Bhargava, who was awarded the fields medal ( the highest honour in mathematics ) says that apart from his interest in mathematics which he gained from rigorous practice, he is also an accomplished Tabla player and has accompanied prominent artists like Zakir Hussain. So if he, a human just like us can accomplish it, then all of us can.

I personally believe that severity of homework is purely determined by our mind. If we take homework in the right spirit, then no homework can over work us.
Debate Round No. 2


The amount that we eat doesn't keep on increasing, or else an 80-year old would be eating a lot. The teachers may have been children in their childhood, but 20 years is a long time for academic patterns to change. Teachers may not realize that we are getting too much work, for not all teachers are connected, hence the tiny assignments from many subjects adds up to a nearly impossible challenge.
As for homework's importance, what I mean to say is that when there were suppose 5 assignments and my friend did 3, 2 teachers would still scold him, while there is not much praise for doing homework. The person may just give up and realize the futility of working all the time.
As you say, Manjul Bhargava is a math genius, and is a good tabla player. But I ask why only he has succeeded? You call for effective time management, but then we have so less time. I reach home at 4:30 pm, and our travel is nearly 1 hour. Also, I am sure even such a genius hasn't won the battle for sleep. I used to sleep at 9, but now I have to extend it to 10 due to extra homework. This would reduce my ability to stay focus, no matter if I wash my face twice.
Another reason why homework should be banned is lack of entertainment. More than often, homework involves usage of the mind. While it works well for a while, the continuous work calls for a break.But when we have weekend homework and weekday homework how shall I go watch my favorite movie? Though time management is useful for weekends, weekdays call for all work and no play. And we can't be into work all the time. I often forget about concepts in the 1st lesson when the 10th lesson starts, and once at home I forget everything. True, homework would reinforce my concept, but after sleeping I forget again. Although not everyone has a bad memory as mine, even conceptual learning has to be remembered.
Severity of homework is determined by our mind, but most people lack the optimism to take it as a challenge, for who gives challenges everyday? Our schools made for us or we made for schools? We must think outside the horizons of learning, for geniuses like Issac Newton and Einstein did bad at school. You can look at this link to see more famous people who did bad at school but great in life.


Skuldugger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lord_megatron 3 years ago
Vote for me, vote for me!
Posted by Iamright58 3 years ago
homework should be banned , it is torture!
Posted by momof3 3 years ago
When you said that homework is usually small assignments for different subjects.....this might even be tolerable but teachers are piling on homework that are actually projects and essays. This type of homework on a routine basis is not good for anyone. I am a parent of 3 and I'm truly seeing this where my son has tons of homework even on the weekends. When I go to question this, the other teachers usually defend the teacher in saying that they are an over achiever and really go beyond what is expected. How can this be right?
Posted by Skuldugger 3 years ago
There is absolutely no 'cheating' in homework. Cheating is when one obtains answers by unfair means for an assignment or test that is not for personal evaluation. While doing homework, we will most certainly come across problems that we are unable to crack. Under such circumstances, one can either refer to a book, to the internet or their friends. Even when one is blindly copying someone else's home work, they are at least making a mental note of the solution. If the solution turns out wrong they learn how not to do it.
Posted by lord_megatron 3 years ago
what 'bout the internet? That is how everyone cheats. Also half the people simply have grown tired of doing homework. Homework must be reduced if not banned
Posted by mostlogical 3 years ago
Too much homework does encourage pupils to cheat/allow others to cheat, but they are soon found out when they copy mistakes and set right, also homework prepares people for coursework.

However it is exams which ultimately determine what level you are taught.
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