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should kids go out to recess if its less than 20 degrees

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Started: 1/16/2015 Category: Health
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no i don't think kids should go outside when it is below 20 degrees it is a big hazard for getting a cold, hypothermia, etc. i mean it would be really stuiped to send kids outside when it is less than 20 degrees. Also it is probably going to be really slick so its also a risk of falling. It is just INSANE to send kids outside when its that cold


I see your point, and kids should not be forced against their will to go outdoors...

But who says it's against their will?

Most kids LOVE the outdoors and I know everybody at my elementary school was horrified and disappointed to learn that recess would be taking place indoors. It isn't as fun for kids, even if its cold outside. And kids bring jackets to school, so they can just wear those.

I believe the kids should be allowed to stay outside if they want to.
Debate Round No. 1


ok well kids at my school we forced to go outside when it was that cold

so it is against there will

alot of the kids in my school as a kids always wanted to stay inside when it was that cold. most schools force kids to go outside but i don't know what school you went to but at my school as a kid they made us go out if it was 20 degrees or less plus we never had a choice at my school.

therefore stating my argument.
kids should not have to go out side if it is less than 20 degrees


cameleski forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


i have stated my arguments in the previous rounds so i dont have anything else to say beacasue he keep forfitting rounds


cameleski forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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