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should laptops be allowed at schools

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Started: 10/6/2013 Category: Technology
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I not only as a con but as a person who tried bringing his laptop for school. I saw who that everyone that had a laptop with them are enjoying their time while others are not and that is unfair. Students say that they bring their laptops for project while in truth there is no project they only want to play with it. It is also not good for saving information let"s say you have written everything from the teacher has said and you have solved your homework on it and suddenly you"re laptop shut down without saving, or you have saved and you"re laptop gets damaged and needs format in that case you need to format it and all of it will be deleted. And another reason why I say that laptops shouldn't be allowed in schools is that you"re hand writing time by time well get worse and that may affect you at the moment or in the future. And one of the most common problems that schools that allow laptops face that is when a laptop gets lost they start to blame the school or their friends that they have stolen their laptops. Another thing is that what if your laptop falls and gets broken and can"t get fixed. What if a student copy his friend work on a flash that way by the number of cheating will increase in schools. And if students continue using laptops by time their eyes will get hurt.


As a student myself, I disagree with the statement. Many student are diagnosed dyslexic and sometimes severe handwriting issues, meaning that when taking notes from the board, they cannot keep up with the rest of the class or are not able to read their own notes. Students in the older years have more responsibility when working on laptops, so I disagree in your argument generalising all years together. At the school I am currently enrolled at, we have a system where the teacher routinely checks the students work on their laptops, mainly to see whether they are messing around on them or actually doing work. I do agree that in the younger years, the students sometimes lack the maturity to use a laptop correctly for work, however when properly monitored this needn't be an issue. For the issue about broken laptops- all items brought into school are at the students own risk as is other expensive articles brought into school. Also strained eyes only come when staring at a laptop for hours on end, whilst school has regular breaks, between classes and at lunch time aswell. Laptops can be extremely useful when writing essays, or creating accurate graphs and can transport all your work easily, so overall I believe that being able to have a laptop in class at school is a good thing and more schools should allow it.
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