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should parents be allowed to selct the gender of their offspring?

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Started: 12/23/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This will be kind of a practice debate for me so this debate won't be entirelly formal. I would like that who ever accepts this won't be disrespectful nor offensive whe he judges my way of writting. My principal language is not English so I know I'm no that good with writting in English, My principal language is Spanish. So I want my opponent to start With his arguments and then I will rebutt them. Then he will post what he thinks of my debating skills (which are not that good), which I hope will improve, and I also hope he comments what I did Wrong and what I did correct.

This debate will be about gender selection before childbirth. I will debate against it.
1st round: My opponent will state his argument.
2nd round: I will respond to his argument and he will post his opinion about my debating skills.
3rd round: I will try to correct my arguments on whatever I did Wrong and then my opponent will respond to my arguments and give some more of her opinions and will let me know what are my best skills and my "need working" skills.

Thank you for accepting this debate who ever accepts it and Happy Holiday's


First off, I would like to thank my opponent for this unique debate and wish everyone a happy holiday!

I affirm the resolution Resolved: parents should be allowed to select the gender of their offspring.

POINT 1: The choice of gender reduces unwanted children.
At this point in time, overpopulation is obviously a huge issue. Everywhere around the globe, countless unwanted children are being born and put into exhausted adoption facilities. Even with population control restrictions, such as the "One-Child Policy" currently in place in China, many of the children born are unwanted, often because of gender-related issues. For example, in China, a disproportionate number of babies abandoned or put up for adoption were female, largely because the culture there has historically valued male children over females. In other cases, in countries all over the world, parents have more children than they want or can adequately care for in hopes of having a baby of a specific sex. If parents were allowed to choose the gender of their infants, this problem would not occur and there would be far less abandoned babies in the world. This would be good for the obvious reasons of protecting the welfare of children and lowering the overall population, which would reduce poverty and density-related diseases worldwide. Additionally, the costs associated with the care of children up for adoption would decrease significantly, allowing those resources to go elsewhere.

POINT 2: Hereditary sex-linked diseases can be avoided.
Many hereditary diseases are either directly linked to the gender of the individual because of the gene's sole presence on the X chromosome, or more commonly the Y chromosome. Other diseases, such as breast cancer, are more prevalent in one gender over the other. If a family has a known history of a debilitating or life-threatening disease/disorder, then it would be beneficial for the mental and physical health of the potential child, as well as the family, to choose the gender of the baby. This would increase justice and morality because it would limit the unfortunate death, pain, and emotional distress associated with such diseases. In addition, there would be no need to expend the costs associated with treatment of hereditary diseases such as breast cancer.

For these reasons, I affirm a strong vote in the affirmation in order to reduce unwanted children and to positively affect the health of the next generation.

I wish my opponent (and everyone, for that matter) a wonderful holiday season.
Debate Round No. 1


laleona89 forfeited this round.


Well, then, ummm ... Haha.
Debate Round No. 2


Im really sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!!!! I was stuck without internet for about a week because of some malfunctions without the connection.


That's totally fine. Do you want to start this debate over? I'd be willing to if you wanted, although I understand if you don't. Let me know. :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by laleona89 6 years ago
Ok perfec!!!!!!
Posted by Badgerclaw22 6 years ago
Cool, just challenge me to a debate :)
Posted by laleona89 6 years ago
Yes i do and i hopee i don't have anymore internet problems.
Posted by laleona89 6 years ago
Posted by Badgerclaw22 6 years ago
This sounds super fun and what a great idea on your part! I hope I can be helpful in this process of improving your debating skills. :) I shall just have to come up with some good arguments first. :)
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