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should philosophy be studied more?

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Started: 7/8/2016 Category: Philosophy
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philosophy doesn't just teach us what to think but also how we should think problems and analyze arguments. After taking an introductory philosophy course at an community college I wonder if more philosophy should be required. Maybe have a philosophy class started in high school and then doing a little but more then the introductory stuff in college. Often in the media and online ill see arguments that just don't seem to hold up and I think teaching more philosophy would help people think more critically about issues.


Hello Bluecoffe, I accept your challenge and I will be representing your oppositionfor this discourse. Looking forward to your initial argument!

Con: I assert that philosophy should not be taught more as an academic course in schools.

Debate Round No. 1


hopefully these links work but the first one shows that philosophy majors score really high on the GRE test when it comes to verbal reasoning and analytical writing. the second link pretty much says philosophy majors score pretty high on the LSAT test.

I think one of the reasons why philosophy major do well in these tests in because you really have to learn how to think critically and analytically in order to really understand philosophy. Its important to understand what argument a philosopher is making but its just as important to understand why the argument is a good one or a bad one. So while you do learn some specifics about philosophy the golden part of it is that it can teach you broader skills that can be applied to other area.

one of the most famous philosophers Socrates went around Athens and constantly questioned people about their believes and thoughts on things and often he found when people are actually questioned about topics they claim to know well they didn't really know what their talking about. often the conversation breaks down and people end up walking away. I see a lot of arguments online where once people are challenged or question they also disengage and mostly just assert that their right and don't always give a clear reason why if they even give a reason at all. For example I've seen people say Obama is bad then when you ask why is he bad then they name some policy and then when you ask why that policy is bad theirs not much substance to their argument. one of the things Socrates is trying to teach us is that we really need to engage in thinking and really question things. which is something you have to do in philosophy but this can be expanded and also be applied to something like politics as well. sadly even on the main news networks a lot of times I don't hear them talking about policies and why their good or bad.

so pretty much I think it would be beneficial for people and society to start learning philosophy so they can be more open minded and question more things. I don't really see a reason why not to other then the cost of paying a teacher and staying in school a bit longer but I think the cost would be worth it because these are skills you can always use and they can be applied to many areas.

feel free to ask me questions if you have any
you can argue both for your case and against mine
sorry if I have poor grammar and thanks for accepting
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
weak points are a weapon smiths enlightenment
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