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should schools get more snow days?

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Started: 1/12/2011 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I would like to start off and say no schools do not need more snow days. I will not further my debate untill whom every my oppenet turns out to be starts.
I would like to say good luck to s/he.


I'm going to argue this assuming that there needs to be an extension of school days because of extraordinary circumstances such as a blizzard and they are not just granted without cause.

The number one reason that school days may be extended is safety of the students. Too often we see inexperienced or anxious drivers that venture out on the road to take their children or even students who are transporting themselves to school. The school day is utilized when conditions are deemed not safe by any reasonable school administrator. Safety should be priority one when dealing with students.

Some may ask, "Should we extend the school year to accommodate the snow day?" I do not think that snow days should justify the extension of the school year. We have so many advances in technology that are being utilized by some districts and major companies that allow teleconferencing or video chat. During a snow day, the children may still be allowed to follow a lesson or complete homework with the teacher being one click away. Laptops and desktop computers are getting so inexpensive that they can be loaned from the school if the student's family does not already own one. Schools and districts may utilize bulk purchase plans to enable the most cost effective way of building an inventory of computer technology for their students.

I now turn it over to my opponent. Thank you for your time.
Debate Round No. 1


My oppenet has showen some good facts but, some school use snow days because there is a threat of snow and, that cause their to be less learning and, with useing un-need snow days we go into summer or they take our spring break. I am not saying there should not be school just that snow days need to be watched by someone outside of the school to say okay you can have this snow day and, no you cant have this one. With doing this kids will get there full breaks and get out on time in the summer.
Now i turn it to my oppenet to see what s/he has to say. Thank you.


I don't believe my opponent successfully attacked my position. The reason for the snow day is irrelevant, as I stated in my previous contention that this would be for extraordinary circumstances such as a blizzard. Outside of that, my opponent suggests snow days should be monitored by "someone outside of the school." I would ask who she expects would be able to account for the snow days. Would it be someone who is qualified to recognize when a snow day would be sufficient, like a meteorologist? Who then, does my opponent think the school is getting the information from in the first place? Precisely, the meteorologist.

In my previous argument, I also offered a viable solution that eliminates the reduction in "break time" for school. Technology is a very powerful asset and can be utilized to promote safety and to prevent the "loss of learning" perceived by my opponent.

Therefore, no successful attack warrants a defense. My arguments continue through this round.

I would also like to state for my opponent that I am a "he" so that statement can be eliminated from every argument.

Thank you, audience and opponent.
Debate Round No. 2


victoria56 forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited the last round solidifying my victory here. She is a gracious opponent and I thank her.

In conclusion, safety of students should be a number one priority amongst school staff and I have presented a viable solution that will preserve safety as well as provide education for children to stay at home because of a snow day without the need to extend the school year or shorten breaks.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 6 years ago
Remember spell check, Victoria. : )
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