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should south park and all adult cartoons be removed?

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Started: 4/24/2012 Category: Entertainment
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I think that every adult cartoon should be removed and also it is hindering the thought process of children that are exposed to these cartoons.


Yo, yo, yo... i accept this debate! Let me hear your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


I think that every adult cartoon should be removed and also it is hindering the thought process of children that are exposed to these cartoons. Also most of them are inappropriate and display rated X content. If you had a kid and they were watching these kind of shows would you be upset? of course you would. noth onnly is the kid exposed to this contant so is his or her friends. think about it


First off, I like to refer to the fact that you call it an ‘'adult cartoon', which means it is adult material and is intended for the purposes of adults. Those arguing that adult cartoons should be removed for the sake of children should technically argue that all material not intended for children should be removed for the sake of children.

Shows such as South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons etc. Isn't created in the intention to entertain children but entertain adults – the themes in these tv-shows are sometimes (to some) offensive but they also often involve sophisticated and mature storylines such as politics, global warming, society and others.

It should be the parent's role to decide what material is exposed to their children, such as violent movies, pornography and adult cartoons – these are all kinds of entertainment aimed at adults and not children. It's the parents role to parent the children and no one else.

If the fact was that shows such as South Park was intentionally aimed at children, then yes I would agree to some degree that it would not be appropriate.

And the argument that adult tv-shows is bad for children in a fundamental way such as ‘'thought process' goes In the same category as video games cause violence and heavy metal cause depression and suicidal tendencies – these are all simply opinions with no real factual evidence.
Debate Round No. 2

Pro states "Have you seen your kid sitting in front of the television, watching what seems to be a cartoon, and hear swear words every 5 seconds? If you see what looks like paper figures being moved across a screen, it is probably a show called South Park.
Kids are attracted to South Park for many reasons. One, it is a cartoon. Kids are going to be drawn to cartoons, it is guaranteed! Second, it is about second grade kids. I don't think this is a very good theme for an adult show, as kids will want to watch a show about second graders!

I think that this was done on purpose, and that they KNOW children will watch it, which is very messed up. Who is such a bad person to teach 5-10 year old kids what sex is, how to swear, and fill them with incredibly racist thoughts? Now, I wouldn't mind this show as much if it were on some channels the kids don't watch, but south park is on the kid channels too! The other day, the South Park movie was on Teletoon around 5. Children watch T.V. at 5!
I personally know an 8 year old who has watched South Park, and the changes in him are.. terrible. He says the "F" word every other sentence, and uses terms he has no idea the meaning of, or the consequences of saying them in public! His attitude has changed as well. He seems to argue with every decision made! He has lashed out at his parents many times."
Also someone on › Animation said "
Cartoon Network may be a bad influence on kids!

Cartoon Network-a television channel most parents trust. But is it really safe for kids? Take the cartoon "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack". This show may have a reference to drinking alcohol since Captain Knuckles drinks maple syrup, which gives him similar effects to drinking beer, e.g. drowsiness and bloodshot eyes. I have heard from one of my sources that if he where a little kid and watched that show, he would be frightened by the thinuld be more gs they put on it. Some of the cartoons they have on Cartoon Network are just plain creepy *cough*Flapjack and Grim Adventures*cough" also"
Adult Swim is a whole different story. It contains violent and sometimes sexual themes that parents might find unsuitable for their children. It even starts at 10:00 PM at which many children are still awake. Cartoon Network should take this filth and postpone it until at least 12:00 AM. Also, when I was watching Adult Swim, I saw a commercial with captions on, and saw the f word in the caption. I was disgusted."


Poontanglife forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RyozoTabikashi 5 years ago
after this tyler me and you should debate.
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