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should students be wearing uniform in school?

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Started: 10/6/2014 Category: Education
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i believe that students should wear uniform because its more interesting that students should wear uniform because they look more professional with uniform and because they don't need to waste time at home by choosing their own clothes that they want they only need to choose the uniform?


Your main arguments come heavily from two opinions that cannot in any shape or form hold water to the realities of school uniforms. The ideal of looking professional has zero indication or effect on a student's educational experience. Its essentially the same thing as dressing everyone up in lab gear and pretending they're scientists when they're not. You also mention that it would save student's time at home having to decide what to wear. The problem with this is that everyone goes different speeds picking clothes. While for some it may be as simple as picking up whatever smells clean enough and for others it may be a long process of picking matching articles. Punishing one group who are quick to dress because of slower ones is unfair to their own expressive creativity. The same goes for the slower ones who are dedicating time to looking nice now being constricted to uniforms they may not like simply to be convenient on time.

Now when we think about time and connivence, ever wonder why most schools start at 8:15? The time beforehand is supposed to be a window of time for students to prepare themselves for the school day. While I can't exactly pin an official time its safe to assume most students wake up between 6-7 to get read for school. In this window of time the students are to prepare food, clothing, get clean, and get dressed for the school day. One to two hours is more than enough time for any student to get ready for the day and having a small fraction of that time to get into a nice outfit isn't asking for too much.

Now for my arguments on why constricting students to uniforms is a bad idea. For some background I spent three years in a uniform based charter school. My favorite memory of those times was the end of the 6th grade school year when me and my friends went to a end of school party to collectively burn our school uniforms in the bonfire we had. Practically everyone in our school, as far as I knew, hated them. Now here are my reasons for why uniforms should not be permitted in schools.

First of uniforms are expensive. Like, really expensive. You usually come across two types of uniforms depending on what kind of uniform school you are going into. Most private schools issue their own uniforms and obviously charge for students to wear these said uniforms. While other schools, usually charter schools, issue highly strict dress codes that limit students to only one kind of clothing. I myself was in the latter of the two. For an idea how much my uniform had cost me we had chosen my 5th and 6th grade outfits to be three shirts and two pants. The shirts were to be plain colored in a similar style to this: and pants were to be kahkis only. In our state these items were very limited save a few clothing stores such as The Gap and sold for around 50 dollars a pop. [1] As for the shirts they sold at more retails than kahki pants did and were cheaper in price. These sold anywhere from 16-25 dollars from JCPennys and The Gap, the two big retailers in our area. As for standard school uniforms, these too can cost pretty pennies. Looking at the costs of a full fledged uniform from shows them being 100-150 dollars. [2] While statisticbrain lists the average annual cost of uniforms to be a staggering 249 dollars. [3] Knowing how expensive it is to get into private and charter schools for a kid it is highly unfair for adults to shell out even more cash every year to cover unneeded uniforms. Especially if all they're good for, according to you, is to make them look "professional."

My second half of this argument will cover creativity, along with another topic which will be covered in round two as I am running out of room. I await your rebuttal and argument.

Debate Round No. 1


king_victor1 forfeited this round.


devin.cooper64 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


i believe that students should wear uniform to school??


No. No they really shouldn't.

Since my opponent has forfeited the entirety of the debate, I will spare any further arguments as I believe my main point of cost difficulties being enough to counteract that we should have uniforms school. So yeah. Stop reading or something. Go vote, I don't know. Read a book maybe?
Debate Round No. 3
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