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should teachers be paid more?

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Started: 5/26/2015 Category: Education
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Teachers are very important to society and I believe that their salaries should be raised. In the United States, teachers are paid between $39,580 and $75,279. Despite the salaries of our teachers, our country"s students are lagging behind other countries in test scores. Teachers are unappreciated even thought they have the most important jobs; educating the next generation. Raising teacher"s pay would emphasize how we value education in this country.
American schools have become a hazardous work environment with the epidemic of school shootings. Due to the shootings, teachers are put in harms way every day. I see how some people might say that the school shootings have only happened a few times and that they do drills for those situations, but it is still unsafe. In addition to the possible harm, teachers are continuously exposed to students that are uncooperative and diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities like ADD. Teachers have to change the way they teach for certain students who learn differently. Children"s respect for teachers is lowering, stopping them from listening and making it harder to teach. Some teachers train for these certain kids, but they are still harder to work with.
Teachers should be paid more, because they pay for most of their students" supplies and the supplies in the classroom. All of the classroom essentials tend to add up to least $500. Teachers should not have to pay for supplies with such low pay. Either the school should pay for the supplies or raise their teachers" pay so they can afford the supplies. Schools may pay for some of the supplies, and some students bring their own. But, what is provided usually isn"t enough and the teachers end up covering the shortfalls.
Finally, teachers should be paid more because education is essential for success in society. As Nicholas Kristof argued in his New York Times op-ed; we need to pay the teachers more to attract more eligible employees. For example, if teachers are paid less, people who are qualified won"t apply for the job because they won"t get enough income for their families. When there are not enough qualified teachers, the schools employ people who are not as experienced to teach, therefore making our teachers not as respectable. In Finland, the teachers are paid less than in America, but the students are more successful and score higher than our students. Why? Teachers in Finland are respected. The teaching profession is hard to get there, making the people who get to go to school for teaching an honor. All of Finland"s teachers are qualified, and most people there want to be a teacher. One of the most important aspects to the people in Finland is Education. The Finnish think that education is their way out of poverty. The schools there are a very relaxed environment. In Finland teachers are respected as much as doctors and their pay should reflect that.
In conclusion, teachers are an essential part of our society; teaching all of the next generation how to do well in society. Teachers have very challenging jobs, with children that are difficult to work with. People in different places educate their children differently. All teachers should be respected, no matter where and how they teach. Raising the salaries of teachers is America is just one way we can show that they are valued for what they contribute to the future of our students.


Teachers don't work long hours: According to the bureau of labor statistics. Teachers work 44 hours per week compared to the average hours of 66.

Raising pay alone won't boost teacher quality: In a recent study, teachers were paid twice, and education quality diminished.

Teacher Benefits: They usuasally retire with health care and a 3 month vacation and recieve a 55,000 salary which is more than the average person.

Taxes: Raising teacher pay increases taxes and debt.
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Posted by F-16_Fighting_Falcon 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Rosenly // Moderator action: Removed<

5 points to Pro (Conduct, S&G, arguments), 2 points to Con (sources). Reasons for voting decision: Good debate, Wish i had time to accept it.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) Failure to explain any of the points awarded.
Posted by Outplayz 2 years ago
I've had teachers admittedly say that they hate kids, their students or their work. I believe there needs to be better selection in picking teachers. They need to compete, maybe like a forum or social media site where they can get voted on. I have taken classes that i clearly noticed the teacher not being into it, probably for the same reason i stated in my first sentence. I have also had great teachers; that were charismatic, witty and engaging. Not only did i learn a lot from these types of teachers, but i wanted to go to class; i looked forward to it. So, maybe there can be a change in the structure. Maybe the ones getting voted on staying could start branding themselves to their followers. Come on, they're teachers...if anyone can figure how to do things that will favor them monetarily, it should be them. As it stands, i do not think just increase pay will be beneficial...most probably it will cause more harm. But, i am for giving them creative freedom and maybe revolutionizing their structure that caters to the students. I mean, come on...look at how popular sites like rate my professor are...students will be willing to help. If i like a teacher, i will give them donations so they can teach me different subjects. Idk, but i am sure there is a way to change the structure to favor both student and teacher.
Posted by DanMGTOW 2 years ago
you are paid what you are worth. it must suck to be so pathetic that you need the government to force companies to pay you more, but then gaining skills, or talents that people would pay more for
would actually take determination and effort
Posted by DanMGTOW 2 years ago
you are paid what you are worth. it must suck to be so pathetic that you need the government to force companies to pay you more, but then gaining skills, or talents that people would pay more for
would actually take determination and effort
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Vote Placed by RedMoonlight 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Interesting and under - discussed topic, so I would have liked to see a longer and more detailed debate. Both sides made great arguments, however. I'm voting the way I am primarily because Pro appeared to fulfill his BoP that there are compelling reasons why teachers should be paid more. Con, while bringing up several good points, did not refute Pro's reasons. However, Con did support their argument with sources, which Pro failed to do.