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should teenagers be required to inform there parents they are on birth control

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Started: 9/22/2016 Category: Society
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Teenagers shouldn't be on birth control. They shouldn't be having sex period they are too young teens now a days are worried about parties, drugs, love, boys, girls,sex, etc. They are focused on everything then what they should be . Family is everything. Family is key. You need to cherish every bit of family you have. No female should be having sex unless they are ready to raise a child. You need to be financially stable physically stable and mentally stable. You need to be ready to raise a child In my opinion you teens shouldn't be having sex you may think you are in love with someone and you want to be with them forever and ever but reality can smack you in the face. You are a teen don't be worried about sex or the other stuff I know that you are going threw that stage right on but you have family friends you are usually around 15,16,or 17 and you are in high school go for it get your diploma and go graduate wait till at least college.


Birth control isn't just to prevent pregnancy. There are a lot of benefits from birth control, such as it can treat endometriosis, balance hormones and periods, ease cramps, make periods lighter and shorter, and lower the odds of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

I do think that underage girls should tell their parents that they're on birth control, but some don't. I don't know about a requirement. Some parents think that if they're child is on birth control, they're more likely to have sex but studies have shown that women that are on contraceptives are more likely to have romantic, solid relationships. Due to this assumption, parents won't let their children get birth control which could effect them later in their life.( on contraceptives are more likely to have romantic, solid relationships than women who aren't using birth control)
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Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
I kept it vague on purpose, wasn't really meaning for it to be an actual response to anything here. Boredom got the best of me and I felt like opposing something.
Posted by straightup.gong 1 year ago
@backcommander: Do you mean no as in this debate is stupid? No as in Con's argument is inferior? No as in you're just answering the question? I'm quite confused by your comment.
Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
No, just no.
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