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should the legal driving age be 13 and up

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Started: 9/28/2017 Category: Cars
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i agree because some kids know how to drive.


I will begin my thesis by saying that the average weight of a car is 4,000+ pounds, this will be important in the future.

I believe that the current age restrictions on driving we have today are perfect where they are at, I believe that a 13 year old human being is not mentally mature, nor are they developed enough to be able to competently drive a vehicle, let alone alongside adult drivers on the road. A lowering of the driving age, theoretically, anyways would impact drivers all across America (assuming that's where the driving age is lowered).

1: Insurance

As we know insurance is something that every driver on the road needs in order to legally drive on the roads in the United States, and to allow a driving age of 13 puts not only a large liability on insrance companies and on the customers of said insurance companies. Insurance rates for a 13 year old driver would be exponentially higher than the already exponentially higher car insurance of 16 year old teen drivers.

2: Liability

I believe that if driving on public roads at 13 becomes legal that a massive liabilty will be put onto the drivers parents, and also onto the shoulders of the kid themselves in a way, seeing as the child would have to act expectantly mature for being a driver. It may not come as much of a surprise, but I would not allow any 13 year old to operate a vehicle unless it was a patch of private property and there's no way for the kid to cause damage to himself or others
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Posted by LukzVlogs_YT 9 months ago
I Vote for what the Pro Says :)
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