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should the us help other nations with their poverty problems

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Started: 1/7/2015 Category: Politics
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the argument is should the us help other countries with their poverty problems i am aganist the us should help other countries


I accept.
I will let you present your Con argument first, and then present my rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 1


I think we shouldnt help other nations with poverty problems first of all the US is in dept the goverment cant aford to help other nations the US was once a devopling country nobody helped us there but fundraisers are fine but the US shouldnt always be the hero on everything we have our own poverty problems to deal with is it really our job to take care of other countries.... also nobody helped us back then when we were a devolping country france gave us some weapons but still is it the Uniuted states job no it isnt we shouldnt give away money it is our own country we shouldnt have to give away money to other nations


You may want to think about using some periods. That's quite a wall of text you have there.

Should we, or should we not give aid to foreign nations that happen to be stricken by poverty?

(1) Is it possible?

$30 billion per year is needed to end world hunger, Congress spends $737 billion per year on defense.[1]
The US could end world hunger with only 4% of its defense budget.[2] Currently the US spends 1% of it's budget on foreign aid, while it spends 60 times more on defense.[3]

(2) Is it ethical?

Giving aid to the world's poor would greatly reduce their suffering, while either not causing any to the US, or causing a much lesser amount in comparison to that of the poor. Since whether or not something is ethical depends on the amount of suffering and pleasure it creats, granting aid to foreign nations in need is ethical.

(3) Would it be in the interest of the US?

Poverty causes inequality, resentment, scarcity, and ultimatly violence.[4] If these impoverished nations feel resentment towards the US from their lack of available opportunites then surely they willl not be our allies. The opposite could be true if we gave them aid, they would have a healthier society and ultimatly be able to contribute to all of our futures.






Debate Round No. 2


first of all I can use whatever grammar I want but first the us shouldn't help yet before congress should not help with other countries are Americans paying tax dollars to support these countries in stead of our roads and safety fundraisers are fine but we shouldn't help with other countries our economy is in dept we cant help these countries like before nobody helped us we don't have the money has the government helped other nations with poverty problems no we haven't you were stating on our own country it seems to me that you don't get this debate should the us help and spend our hard earned government money no we shouldn't fundraisers are fine but our government money is hard earned it should go to our own country


If your walking down the street knowing you're in debt, and you see a homeless person who is starving, or needs a vaccine for a deadly disease that they are likely to get, or needs birth control so that they don't have a baby that will surely die, it is ethical to help them.

If you were in the position of the person in need, wouldn't you find it absurd that a country that is possibly the world greatest superpower won't give you help?

My point is, we are already spending money even though we are in debt, and we should spend some of it on giving aid to those in need, even if we have to make cuts somewhere, because morality is determined by the pleasure you create, and the suffering you relieve.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Bhudanaboy 2 years ago
oh which one?
Posted by michigainman56 2 years ago
buddan boy your resource is not correct
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