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should there be a law for intercourse age?

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Started: 4/21/2015 Category: Health
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should there be a law for intercourse age?
Polite languge please.


Intercourse laws are bad for three reasons.

1: Prefer the Maryland-style alternative. An intercourse age law would make it illegal for persons to have sex under a certain age, with anyone. (For example, nobody under 21 years could have sex, with anyone.) Maryland, a U.S. state, allows anyone to have sex with anyone, consensually, if both are within 4 years of age of the other partner, or if both are over 18. This gets all the benefits of preventing adults from abusing children, and the benefits of lawful compliance, with mitigated bad effects of sex-restrictive laws.

2: Such a law would have little or no enforcement. If two minors have sex under the intercourse age, neither would report such a violation; if they get caught by parents, no parent would want to legally punish their child; no other situation is likely. Compliance is low because of lack of reporting and of individual obedience. Thus, the law would be ineffective, as are laws against teens taking nude pictures of themselves in the status quo. This breeds a culture of disobedience of the law, since breaking the law and getting away with it shows teens that laws aren't actually rules in reality, but just suggestions from the government. This makes breaking other laws, such as antitheft laws, easier. And if the law is somehow enforced, then people are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors, since they have to hide their sexuality in the underbelly of the oppressive state.

3: The state involving itself in sexual activity of minors is just one step on the road to complete government control of reproduction, in a Brave New World style society. A world where people cannot procreate without government support is the ultimate oppression, because it prevents dissidents and others the government dislikes from having their culture, ideas, genetics, and other trains even survive. Imagine if, in the U.S., evil liberal overlords prevented anyone conservative from having children. In a generation, conservatism would be dead, almost.
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Posted by SocialPsyche 3 years ago
The minimum age that someone has to be to have sex. Yes, there should be, and yes, there are intercourse ages.
Posted by FuzzyCatPotato 3 years ago
What is "intercourse age"?
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