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should there be homework?

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Started: 8/12/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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should there be homework? this is my first debate so don"t be too harsh.Reasons of why there should be homework (pro/for) are:
1.homework is important for future references such as: jobs/CV, speeches etc...
this is because of understanding how you can finish/accomplished a task within a short
time period which is obviously most likely used in jobs with the fields of business which includes important presentation which may be the next big thing.
2.basically learn more than you can handle and expand your organizing skills which could be used to extract knowledge then teach others because the result of simple homework. It's not only you teaching but just imagine your grandchild needing help
for their homework what would you do if you hate homework , nothing how disappointing would your grandchild be. matter how hard it is there's always rewards for having the chance of trying your best in homework.The more the better why? it's simple; having better understanding of how to carry more information is a future a becoming a millionaire or/and famous superstar. Having a chance to even review on your workings could think about what you did right and what you did wrong & having a chance to comment on it.
4.It may be boring however with just a few effort you can do anything it's not just wasting time on doing something that doesn't matter however creating future opportunities that will create a future without any worries of getting a job due to past experience, it's wonderful and a big impact in your life and one more thing don't deny this it's an important part of life!
personal response: For me it's enjoyable and acceptable to do this hard but yet life changing experience please vote for me thank you:)


Ladies and Gentlemen that are reading this post, before I begin my case, I would like to point out some misleading statements made by the opposing team. The opposition has stated that homework is important for things in the future, such as jobs, speeches and so forth. Homework is nothing more than revision that students have learnt during the school hours. A majority of the most beneficial things are what is being sent home in homework have already been taught.

They also stated that homework is the key element to become a millionaire, and or famous superstar. Although homework may contribute towards fame, the crucial knowledge that every child needs is taught in schooling hours, and not compacted into a few worksheets for students to complete in their own time.

I will now begin my case.

Should there be homework? I, as the negative say no, homework is not a necessity to students. Homework's definition is: 'schoolwork assigned to be done outside the classroom'. I will be focusing on two key arguments this round, my first one stated in the statement above. 'Schoolwork'. My second argument is focusing on the fact that homework is actually proven to have minimal effect on students grades.

As I have stated before, homework is nothing more than a compacted version of what students have already learnt, used for the sheer purpose of trying to get kids to remember what they learnt the previous day. The question is, why are teachers giving out sheets of things that have already been covered? Yes, I understand that homework is made out to be a great way to get kids to learn, but how much to we really know about it?

That question leads me onto my second argument, the impacts that homework has on students. As proven in the link below, experts have proven that children as young as 11 are becoming over-worked, and crumbling under the amount of pressure homework gives them. Homework is having a major toll on this generation.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 1


Sorry for the mishaps over my previous argument however what I was talking about was the result of anyone who is use of/confident to do homework, understands how to use these skills in real life like jobs told in previous argument. I,m not confident with the stressed children of homework that decreases their revision or rememberance of whatever their topic is.

Lets go back to the fame/millionaire mishap; now the reason why I said that was to think about how powerful of homework
can influence you to think big in a task that may be hard or simple and therefore give ideas of how you can improve in future references which would make you think "can I be something more than a student doing homework"

Last thing why not think about adults in jobs that actually have homework including presentations that change other peoples perspectives in what there companies do etc... One more thing if theres any scientific theory/statistics about this please include it in your next argument. Thankyou for listening:)


Thank you for your arguments, and I apologies for any confusion that I have created in my previous statement. I would like to yet again point of some incorrect statements that the opposition is informing you.

The opposing team states, and I quote, 'Think how powerful homework can influence you to think big in a that may be hard or simple'. First off, homework, whether it be in school or a work place, is designed to revise the learner, not introduce new skills. Anyone that is reading this will probably agree with this statement that minimal information is included in homework that has not already be taught. So basically, it is not the homework that influences someone, but the work place or the school they are learning at.

Also, I am very glad you have brought adults into this equation. Homework in the case of adults, as you have stated, is basically large companies doing presentations to change the audience's perspective on what they are presenting about. Key words: 'Large. Companies.' Large companies have designated people to create presentations, so on technicality, it is not homework.

Back to my arguments, I would like to use this round to explain the cold harsh facts our world calls a reality.

The average American child spends 6.8 HOURS a WEEK on homework, according to . That is a whole day spent on homework per week. And for what? Children to learn the basic idea of the things they have already learnt?

According to research conducted by Family Circle, they have stated (location not identified) that imagine 10 per cent of the population was overloaded with homework. That is 5 MILLION kids being overworked and getting crushed under the amount of pressure that weighs down on their shoulders.

Finally, research done by , has said that children don't even go over their homework, and in the end it is forgotten about. Why give homework when it is a waste of children's time?
Debate Round No. 2


I appreciate your argument 100% and think you did great in your previous arguments
you have gave me a new perspective however as you know I still think homework is
a great idea to give challenges and in some cases ( mainly towards children) face there
Fears, that's all, thankyou for giving me great aspects of your point and giving me other ways
Of using URL's for a back up plan towards your argument. I will give that in consideration in
my next topic.

Realistically do you really think that school industies will ban homework or what happens when teachers say yes towards
Homework eventhough when they had homework as a kid they would of hated it. It's basically a
Routine that cycles through generations and generations. If you were a teacher would you give
your students homework and why? Please answer thankyou....


Before I begin I would just like to say thanks for making this a great first debate! It has been an honour.
I would like to start of my final points with some rebuttals. First off, the opposition has asked a reasonable question, in which I am glad to answer. 'If you were a teacher, would you give your students homework? And why? This is an amazing coincidence as I aspire to become a teacher myself. My answer is no, I would not give my students homework. Why? Because all of the necessities that are only outlined in relations to homework will have been taught in a deeper way in schooling hours. Focusing on children, students are taught the important parts in school hours, and revision is compacted into sheets of paper to be sent home to children. I think everyone that reads this post will agree.

Also, you have asked that do I think that school industries will ban homework, looking at it realistically. I'm afraid to say this, but how does this statement link to the topic of this debate? The debate is entitled, 'Should there be homework?' Not, do you think that schools will ban homework. You have completely gone off topic within your arguments.

Back to my side, I would now like to summaries my case.

I have been saying from the start that homework is nothing more than a piece of basic work that's information has already been taught in school. Why are we adding potentially unnecessary stress to children's shoulders? Why are we wasting valuable time into repeating ourselves on a basic level? Homework is revision, and is not designed to teach students new skills.

I would also like to touch on the unrealistic toll that homework is taking on students. As stated in my previous arguments, statistics have proven that homework might be danger in disguise. How you handle the harsh facts of reality is up to you.

I would just like to say thank you to the opposing team for challenging me with a tricky starter debate, and Good Luck :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MiaBiaPia23 3 years ago
OMG thanks so much :D
Posted by becoolerbenR 3 years ago
have you checked the website?
Posted by MiaBiaPia23 3 years ago
Please explain how it is crucial. Everything in homework is revision on a basic level, intended to help students remember, not give them any new skills. What is crucial is the schooling hours in which the important information is taught, where new skills are developed.

Once again thanks for your arguments, but at the end of the day it is up to the public who decides who produced a better case :)
Posted by becoolerbenR 3 years ago
the chance of you not giving homework to your students is highly unlikely due to this being a crucial
technique to teach your students, which gives them essential skills in life. here is a example of why homework is important and what are the effects for the future.(go to this website:)

plus different countries have different educational rules also statistics about students with homework! country examples; Australia,Africa,New Zealand and USA. some may include poverty

here are more information for my last argument sorry if I missed it out.
Posted by MiaBiaPia23 3 years ago
Thanks for such a challenging debate :) Good Luck :D
Posted by becoolerbenR 3 years ago
Hurry up please thankyou miabiapia23
Posted by becoolerbenR 3 years ago
I,m having difficultly with what your statement is all about although there're may be misunderstanding, I still aprreciate what my first argument; it's realistic and believable! Hope the best that I win, I mean you win:)
From: becoolerbenR
To: miabiapia23
Posted by MiaBiaPia23 3 years ago
This is my first debate on this website also, so at least it's an even playing field :)
Posted by becoolerbenR 3 years ago
hi there (TheAlias6) considering you accepting my challenge you may use rebuttals in any round if you want.
I can't wait to win I mean participate:)
Posted by TheAlias6 3 years ago
Do you want rebuttals in round one or just in round two and three? This will be my first debate on here as well.
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