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should we be allowing children to watch movies with social commentary and/or harder themes

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Started: 10/15/2016 Category: Movies
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People with the philosophy that children's minds are too feeble and innocent to experience movies with violent images and can't have movies with clever commentary are the reason the quality of children's movies have gone down immensely. I have noticed that whenever a children's movie with violence, social commentary and parts that make you feel scared or sad parents tend to want to discourage kids from watching them. when you take those things away from the movie it essentially ruins it because the characters don't change, no one learned anything and the children end up not caring about what happens because they know nothing will happen to the characters to effect them.children need to experience these things before they grow up desensitized to the world.
and because of these things this basically making children dumber and lowering the quality of children's movies.


Sure kids should be able to watch these movies to learn about the world and not ignore the fact that some things in movies actually happen but at the same time kids are like sponges and absorb everything they see. Letting them watch such violent movies and such makes them think it is ok what is going on in the movie. Kids won't be "dumb" if they don't watch movies like that. They have parents for a reason. It is not a movie writer"s responsibility to teach kids the way of the world through movies. It is the parents. A movie writer's job is to entertain the kids and give them a fantasy movie to be able to laugh at.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't mean violent like people getting stabbed and people praising them for it but something to add suspense. I do understand that children will absorb everything but you can use that fact to help teach them. movies can shape people, change the way they think or make them fell thing in a way that parents or teachers can't. take the lego movie, for example, it has violence but that just makes the main characters job even more important (to save the city) because you know that it is a possibility that characters could die, making you care about his goals and everyone else.

your other point was that it's not the writer's job to teach kids about the world but to entertain the kids and give them a fantasy world. movies should be entertaining, that's there the whole point. you can have a movie that makes you think but has some dumb fun. But you can't have a good movie where nothing important happens to the characters to change them or their world. if that's the case then what's the point of the movie! take the minion movie, for example, no characters change, nothing happens, leading the kid or anyone who's watching it to just not care about them. nothing it taught to the child and it just becomes boring. children's movies give the child a chance to really feel for a character and have emotions they would otherwise not feel before they become desensitized to the world. it teaches them to think about the world they live in. I'm going to use the lego movie for example again, in the opening, it shows Emmet spending 10$ on a cup of coffee, it could give a kid the possibility to think "why would anyone do that?", the scene when the cop straight up freezes his parents to keep his job, that can teach kids about the world and make them realise that this is wrong. when the main group of characters decides to fight back against the people in power since they see they are being treated wrongly and it teaches kids they can stand up or make some sort of an impact on society.
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Posted by Dishoungh 1 year ago
Pro and Con both have a point, but so far Con is winning. Pro, sure, I do feel that movies that are marketable towards kids are suffering a decline in quality, but you have to consider that kids aren't mature enough yet to understand abstract and complex concepts, especially little kids. I mean, come on, can we honestly expect a 6 year old to understand what it means to be human or morality or the duality of man and machine? Of course not. However, I will agree with you that we are kinda underestimating children and some of us do give children low expectations of intelligence, but I don't think just making children watch violent and dark-themed movies is the answer. In fact, I think that might make things worse depending on what type of movies you want these kids to see.
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