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should we go to school early or not

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Started: 10/21/2015 Category: Education
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do you think we should have school on Sunday and Saturday as well what do you think?


if you look at japan who go to school year round look at how advanced they are, just imagine how more advanced usa could be. also it would bring our technology up and our countries money amount.
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bintolove1 forfeited this round.
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bintolove1 forfeited this round.


how do you guys forfeit rounds?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
Japan is the most depressed country on the planet... They have a word for the Demon that possess Japanese people to give up on themselves, because it is so common for Japanese to give up..

Hwever, I love Japanese culture. and I am pro for early school.
as someone who has graduated, a +70% average kid, I know that u will agree once u graduate that it was the better use of ur time.

the only question is whether or not u inspire yourself to thrive, or if u give up.
Posted by KyronTheWise 2 years ago
Continuing the look at education debates, well, I see some holes here. First, this is in the wrong section. Prompt is an opinion, not an argument, as such, belongs in the opinion section.

Second, Pro, your argument is...well, inaccurate. You are drawing the conclusion that because Japanese students go year round, they have better tech. Well, first of all, they aren't going year-round. There is a summer break, but unlike, say, the American system, where summer vacation happens between school years, in Japan, it takes place between semesters (Japanese school system starts in April, goes to late July, then break until September, when the second semester starts).

Also, in no way would that bring up the amount of $ our country has. People do not passively generate cash simply by graduating. In fact, if year round education was compulsory, more money would be spent on schools, at least, public schools. And since the US government cannot comprehend the idea of balancing a budget, they would simply print more money, which would wreck the value of the dollar further, and just make things worse.

If I had to make an argument about fixing the education system, I would have to focus on actually helping students not go into debt by subsidizing college tuition for more people. Would help in so many ways. (Sorry for getting off topic at the end, but this really wasn't a debate, so not much I could do)
Posted by Traingamer1337 2 years ago
I do not think that we should have school on weekends.
Posted by ZacGraphics 2 years ago
This mainly depends on what time you would like to go to school, because not all of us have the same school beginning time.
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