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should we have ipad for more than a hour

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Started: 10/12/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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teve Young is the better quarterback because he has a 96.8 QB Rating (1), whereas Joe Montana only has a 92.3 (2). Steve Young also has fewer career interceptions, more rushing touchdowns, and a higher passing completion rate than Joe Montana. After seeing both players perform in person and on television, it is clear to me that Steve Young is superior in his athletic capabilities, and his quarterbacking skil


Hello, it appears as if you did not read the title of your debate correctly. The first argument that you posted has nothing to do with the actual debate itself, so I will respond correctly, and hopefully it will give you correct insight on what to talk about in this debate, since you were the one who created it itself.

First off, touch screen applications have been the crazy of the modern millennium, and for good reason. They allow easy access to applications, and they allow others to communicate, even from long distances. I don't know a place where someone just takes away an iPad after an hour, but if you do, please respond to me correctly below. Touchscreen devices have been recorded to damage eyesight, but that is after prolonged use, and I am not saying that people should use touchscreen devices such as an iPad for prolonged periods of time. However, you should defiantly carry something such as an iPad or another touchscreen device around with you, as that it allows for easy communication between others, and makes life a lot easier.

Please respond correctly below, instead of talking about football or whatever you were previously talking about above.
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