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single sex schools are better for students

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Started: 7/27/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Perhaps the opposite gender could be a distraction for students in the classroom, but by grouping students by gender, we lose important elements of true education. In a diverse classroom, there are countless questions, different perspectives, and a variety of interests, which all add to the excitement of learning.

Our students have much to contribute to each other, and students of all ages benefit from being engaged in activities and learning in the company of the opposite sex. In the classroom, learning experiences need to resemble real-world life experiences. How can we prepare students for future families, homes, and workplaces without exposing them to members of the opposite sex? How can we expect them to learn to respect and appreciate gender differences as adults if we do not teach them to form healthy relationships and have positive interactions and appropriate dialogues now?

I also believe that female classmates encourage many unmotivated male students.
In my middle school classroom, I see my female students try to motivate my male students who seem to be less interested.

As educators, our efforts should not be driven by how we can separate students to minimize distractions but by how we can bring all students together to maximize learning. In my experience, students tend to learn better when teachers learn to teach better"regardless of the gender of the students.


Separating children by sex in school, is a good idea, especially at a young age. When separating the sexes critics use the argument that female students need to get the same education as their male counter parts. I say, they will both get better educations if they are separated at a young age to help them both avoid the distractions from the needs of the other. Parents should raise Males and Females differently so why shouldn't we educate them differently too?There are many issues with our educational system, how we teach our young boys in one of those issues. Many young boys, ages 2 until puberty, so between 10-13 years, are much less mature than their female counter parts, but what they lack in maturity they make up in being hyper active beings. Young boys are much more likely to have "ADD and ADHD" 2 "diseases that have been made up because educators do not know how to keep young children, mainly boys calm and attentive in class, young boys are much more likely to face disciplinary issues, more likely to repeat a class and more likely to fall behind.
Young boys need more discipline at a young age to help them develop they also need much more activity. Young boys need to learn from their mistakes not punished before they make the mistake. They need to be yelled at and worked hard.
Young girls do not need this in their education and with out the distraction of boys causing a riot in class they will be better off than they would in co ed classes.
If having co ed classes helps with real world experiences, then having single sex schools, you can teach, boys in general, how to respect others much better, how to be gentleman, how to be better men. Something that only a select few boys can learn outside the home. If there is not male figure in the house, who does the young boy look up to as his male figure? A male teacher? where are those in elementary schools? They look up to gang leaders and drug dealers. The negatives of coed education far out weigh the positives when you think about all the possibilities 5-6 years of a single sex education can have on childminder
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