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single sex schools are more effective than co-ed schools

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Started: 7/13/2016 Category: Education
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good luck and have fun


I accept and will be debating on the pro side.
Debate Round No. 1


first I would like to point out what is the schools actual job is. They basically have to give you all of the necessary knowledge along with helping you get prepared for the life ahead of you.

Now single sex schools are proved to not differ from co-ed schools in student performance, but in single sex schools you take a part of 'preparing for the life ahead' away. Students do not achieve a 'normal' childhood, since they are not in enough contact with the opposite sex.

And this has a massive side effect. Students are not able to communicate properly with the opposite sex, making it harder for them to find partners or keeping one in the first place. Also sex education becomes difficult, since students didn't have much contact with the opposite sex.

Being in a co-ed school also makes people more subjective. They think more creatively than students in single sex schools since in co-ed schools both boys and girls experience different emotions, which students in single sex schools can't achieve in the same level. This also means that differentiating emotions themselves, so basically knowing what you are feeling in the moment, is later on difficult for single sex students, since they didn't have enough experience in all of the emotions.
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Posted by yolomonkey 2 years ago
its exactly as said... more effective in schools should be interpenetrated as effective as in the general purpose of the schoold which is basically educating you and preparing you for the life ahead :) if you would like to debate please accept the challenge
Posted by jcrudess 2 years ago
Depends on what you mean by 'more effective'. Will same sex schools make better academics? Maybe, I'm not familiar with the actual data. But in my experience, same sex or co-ed is mostly irrelevant to the academic success of the students. Now, same sex schools will produce students who will probably be less socially adept and inexperienced with the opposite sex, but is that the failure of the school? I would disagree, school is there to give knowledge, not raise children. And I'll always say that if we had same sex schools, and if society in general was more careful about what teenagers do, we would have way less teen pregnancies and stupid teens.
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