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sixteen and pregnant should not be allowed on tv.

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Started: 10/4/2013 Category: TV
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sixteen and pregnant shouldn't be a TV show because it shows teens that getting pregnant at a young age (such as 16) IS OK. they show that if you have a kid your parents will be there for you to help you take care of your kid and so on. but the truth on that is, a lot of parents wont help there child out on things like this because there child was stupid enough to go and do something like that at the age o f 16. it also could make some people think " hey, if I get pregnant at 16 I will be put on television and become famous, people will love me." when in reality what most people think when watching this show is " hey, look at all those whores and sluts who had sex when there only 16."


16 and Pregnant should be a television show. Because there is only one round of this "debate", I will break up my argument into two main parts. Part one will address the initial concerns that Pro has with the show and the positives the show can have on viewers. Part two will discuss how restrictions on what should and shouldn't exist infringe upon free speech rights. Ultimately the viewer is responsible for how the television show affects them.
Part One
Pro begins the argument stating that 16 and Pregnant tells teenagers that it is "OK" to be pregnant at sixteen. Pro's evidence for this is that the show depicts parents helping out their children with their pregnancies, and in turn, this will falsely lead to teenagers thinking their parents will help them which may or may not be true. Additionally it is argued that it will tempt more teens to try and get pregnant as they see it as a way of being loved and famous. While both these arguments may appear valid, research on how the show 16 and Pregnant affects teenagers disagrees. A study conducted at the American University1, found that 79% of the girls in the study agreed with the statement, "when a TV show character or character I like deals with teen pregnancy, it makes me think more about my own risk and how to avoid it". Furthermore, 93% of the teenagers agreed that after watching the show, they realized being a parent was harder than they imagined. This study suggests that 16 and Pregnant can have a positive affect on teenager's perception of pregnancy and it will discourage them from hasty decisions about sex. Moreover, many teenagers that watch the show are aware that it can not possibly capture all the hardships of motherhood.
Part Two
If this show should not be on television, who is qualified to make that decision? Restrictions are very difficult to put on expression as it infringes upon freedom of speech. If we must ban and eliminate any show that could possibly have a negative affect on anyone (keeping in mind there has been no concrete evidence to support that 16 and pregnant has negative effects, in fact the opposite has been shown), then it is difficult to draw a line. One could argue that violent television shows encourage individuals to be violent so should we cancel those as well? How about shows that display women as objects? The problem here, is that we will end up censoring more than need be, as there's no way to draw a line. Ultimately it is up to the viewer to be mature enough to handle the content and not misinterpret or create their own message. If the viewer of the 16 and pregnant thinks that getting pregnant will lead them to be famous, the problem is with them, not the television show.

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Vote Placed by Adam2 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: For the most part they were pretty tied. I will say the "con" has a more reasonable argument and source. People chose to emulate the things, not the other way around.
Vote Placed by danielawesome12 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: While con dominated the argument and easily informed me that 16 and pregnant helps teens, I still feel obligated to give pro conduct, because he couldn't counter con, while con could counter easily pro's one round argument.