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Rape Needs to be Taken More Seriously


In today's society, many people think rape is "okay" and that "he/she deserved it." My argument is that rape is not something you should support or condone. No one deserves to be mentally, physically and/or emotionally abused. Physically: People who are raped have been exposed to possible STDs and other disorders transmitted by bodily fluid. Many rapists are rough and abusive, leaving bruises, scratches and sometimes broken bones. A female victim may become impregnated, causing much pain they...

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Should abortion be illegal


No, because when does a fetus become a live person. Then you are killing a human...

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The portrayal of high profile females in the media goes against femininity


It's all in the title- I am arguing that the portrayal of high profile females (can be celebrities or fictional characters such as in video games) in the media (newspapers, social media etc) ruins the image of femininity (the belief that ultimately, both sexes should be equal) in the public mind This basically means anything you want it to. Eg. Cosmetic surgery ruins the image of femininity And Female video game characters ruin the image of femininity etc. 1st round is simply accept...

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Our media portrays woman in a negative way, and encourages them to have low self esteem


Our media portrays and encourages women to have low self esteem, and to be objectified and sexualised in the eyes of men. I know this is quite natural, though not inevitable or always the case, but the media encourages such an attitude and makes it worse. Films and tv program's, adverts and newspapers, all have an agenda to make women feel weak, not good enough, and as though their only qualities are sexual. Impossible to accept....

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Hardcore pornography is significantly harmful to society


Definitions:Hardcore pornography: "still photography or video footage that contains explicit and intensive forms ofpornography, most commonly including depictions of sexual acts such asvaginal,anal, and/ororalintercourse, etc. etc."

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Italy was an inferior nation in the early modern era


Alright, rules for this debate are:NO TROLLINGNO CUSSING3 ROUNDS I happen to have remarkable historical knowledge so i'm sure this will be interesting. Let's begin...

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Same-Sex adoption


I believe that same-sex couples should be able to adopt simply because I believe every child should be able to have a home. I also believe that every capable adult that wants a child should be allowed the opportunity to have one. There are thousands of children and teenagers that go without a home daily, that is not right. Everyone should be given the opportunity to have a loving home to go to. Everyone should have the opportunity...

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Should all babies be called by gender neutral titles and be allowed to choose a gender?


I believe that babies should be called by gender neutral pronouns until they decide they want to be identified as a boy or a girl or remain neutral. I think that in a system like this there would be less stigma around being gay, transgender, or queer. This, in my eyes, would reduce bullying and allow for more acceptance of people of different sexual orientations....

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Should Facilitated Research be used to Prevent Teen Suicide/Depression


NO- By making the issue of teen suicide evident to the public, it allows teens to be pressured to "get better" by their peers and family. When the issue is expressed to the World then teens feel trapped and surrounded, being watched by everyone thinking they are going to kill themselves and bystanders think they can help by watching. While this may not be the case for most issues it is on teen suicide. What do you think? Yes or No?...

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Resolved: Viewing Pornography is Morally Wrong


This debate should be impossible to accept, if you somehow find a method of accepting you automatically forfeit all 7 voter's points. If you would like to play, just leave me a comment :PDefinitionsPornography: Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather...

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