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Marine Mammals under human care


In this debate, I will argue in favor of keeping marine mammals under human care. To clarify, I will support the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) in their captivity methods and purposes. This does not include SeaWorld, as they are not part of the AZA and I do not have a direct association with them, thus I cannot speak for them. My opponent will argue against the AZA, and will argue in favor of marine mammal release. BOP is shared....

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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Cannot Rock the Boardroom


OverviewI was inspired to do this debate after watching an Intelligence Squared debate on the BBC using the same subject. More information on this debate can be found here. [1] You must have completed at least 5 debates to accept this challenge.Please note that the headline for this debate is not the precise wording of the resolution to be debated. In fact, I will offer no specific resolution, but rather I will set some topic parameters here, that we...

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America is not a Christian nation


I will argue that America has never been a Christian nation and that the Bible states that Israel is nationally God's chosen people....

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Gay marriage


I'm straight, and for gay marriage and see no reason why people are against. If it doesn't affect your life why do you care if LGBT's get married. You should be happy that two people love each other. Stop worrying about other peoples life's. In some countries you can sign papers that show you are partners with another person of the same sex but your not allowed the actual marriage ceremony, and then the government/homophobic say your together so why are you still wanting the marriage? well m...

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1 gapping should be federal law or at least a social norm.


I hate people that don't one gap, and think it's absurd not to. No I won't define 1 gapping, and yes we'll be using my definition. It will be a fair definition and if you don't know what one gapping is you're probably one of those jerks that don't do it anyway, so I want to debate you....

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Eating Meat is not Inherently Unhealthy or Immoral


This debate is specifically to debate against the strict dietary values of veganism. I ask that a person who identifies as vegan take the Con position. Round 1 is for acceptance, definitions, and also a brief paragraph on position and beliefs (not hard evidence, just explain where you will be coming from). I agree that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is unhealthy with it being a high fat, high sugar and low exercise diet. However I believe the health problems associated with meat are not...

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Gay Marriage, should it be legal in the United States? Why or Why Not?


"Gay Marriage," or as I like to call it marriage, should be legal in every state of the U.S. Religious views such as "it is unnatural, it is a sin, and marriage is between one man and one woman" aren't even actual reasons to why it should or shouldn't be legal because we are a secular state and no religious views should be taken into account when deciding on this matter. What negative effects would there be on our country if two consenting adults who love each other were allowed to get married?...

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This House Believes that Mining cause more harm than good


We believe that mining causes more harm because it could bring "DEATH" to the miners...

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women's day should be taken as an affirmative action plan not feminist sexist appraoch


i believe women's rights must be viewed as an affirmative action strategy rather than a feminist sexist approach, firstly looking at the purpose, women's rights are meant to serve, the past imbalances between men and women, as well the fact that every human being is born with inherent dignity and equal. Hence women's rights serve to balance the imbalances caused in the past by certain laws in different countries and their work places....

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AAN: Marijuana should be legalized recreationally.


This debate is for the Adopt a Noob Tournament. My opponent is Rings48. My opponent and I would like to clarify before this debate begins: there will be no semantics. Good luck, Rings 48. I am looking forward to a great debate. Also, thanks in advance to the voters....

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