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We regret that acts of kindness are made viral


This is a short debate. You only have 24 hours to respond to the latest arguments and a maximum of 2000 characters per round. Please do not forfeit any rounds. FIRST ROUND IS ACCEPTANCE "Viral" here means news which is circulated widely and rapidly often through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. Looking forward to a good debate :)...

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We should feed the homeless cats.


Look people are fine eating millions of cows,pigs,and even chicken. So why not cats? We defiantly have a surplus of stray cats hunting and killing birds freely. So why not use the stray cats and feed them to the homeless? I would love to hear your cat recipes in the comments....

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Whether or not you're a religious person, abortion is wrong in all ways. Recently, I wrote an Argumentative Essay about abortion. I am stunned by all the evidences that it is wrong. The common argument, "It's the woman's body, she has the right to choose", is scientifically wrong. Every cell of the mother's tonsils, appendix, heart, and lungs shares the same genetic code. The unborn child also has a genetic code, distinctly different from his mother's. Every cell of his body is uniquely his, eac...

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Legalisation of Weed: Another Big Mistake


While typically, I am pro legalisation of marijuana, in this debate I want to challenge myself and take the stance of anti-legalisation. Considering when arguing for the notion that legalisation would be more beneficial to our society, usually alcohol is brought up in the context that it is more dangerous than and kills many times more people than weed does. Now before I get into that, one of the other main issues here is opioid addiction. The high rise in addiction, not just worldwide, but...

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Farming animals should be illegal


I am for animal farming being illegal purely because of the detrimental environmental effects. It is the largest contributor towards global warming and environmental companies aren't doing anything about it. Due to animal agriculture, by 2050, Co2 emissions will have increased by 80%. It's destroying our planet and I can't understand why people are okay with this just because meat is 'tasty'. The amount of water that goes into a making one burger is 6000 litres. Think about how ridiculous the co...

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'Trigger Warnings' stifle debate


" Safe spaces and trigger warnings are being used as a cudgel to promote homogenous thinking and curb dissent in higher academia. College is supposed to be about learning, about perspective, and the free exchange of ideas. Confronting an opinion or worldview that you may not share, or may not have considered is NECESSARILY uncomfortable. This whole notion that anything that would make you uncomfortable needs a trigger warning, or creating physical areas for thought bubble in "safe spaces" is no...

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Should Churched Be Bombed?


no because no...

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Should children have the same freedom as adults?


The society that we live in has certainly changed since I was born in 2001. Young people have become more outspoken on issues concerning bullying, mental health, [exam] stress, and many, many more. However I find most circle around the issue of racism, immigration, social justice (including feminism), and the LGBTQ+ community. All of these I find are very emotional and 'tug at your heartstrings' - surely you must've seen charities that depict starving African children, tears rolling down their c...

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Necrophilia should be legal


I strongly believe that necrophilia ought to be legal. I will admit, I am a necrophiliac, so I am somewhat biased regarding this subject. I've heard the arguments against the legalization of necrophilia, and I've heard the proposed solutions to the problems. I'm going to expound upon what I believe to be the ideal system in which to practice necrophilia. To begin with, allow people the option to leave their body to necrophilia. Once someone has decided to leave their body to necrophilia, they...

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Should we streamline students based on their exam results


This is a school related subject. Should we streamline them based on their exams? 1st round is acceptance, 2nd round arguments and 3rd round is rebutals. Good luck....

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