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sports as career

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Started: 11/19/2013 Category: Sports
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why parents don't allow their children to chose sports as their career?


Hello. I am glad to be debating with you on this subject.

Let me start off by saying that I fully support a child playing sports. It is only when this child, boy or girl, dedicates his life to sports for the sake of a potential career, in which I do not support. If a child wants to go pro one day in, say, baseball, he/she must be willing to have a Plan B - a more academic outlet.

I support children playing sports, and I even support a child aspiring to become a pro some day. Simply, I am against dedicating your life to sports when so much could go wrong: injury, etc. A child must be willing to put forth an academic effort and create a Plan B before he/she dedicates their life to athletics.

I wish you good luck. May the voters decide who ultimately wins.
Debate Round No. 1


dappatel forfeited this round.


Too bad, my opponent forfeited. I was looking forward to this debate.

However, I will provide a counterargument, with statistics, to prove my point.

Sports is risky business.

If a teen or even a child put their mind to a life filled with sports, going pro and living in luxury, then some, not all, but some will let it go to their head. They will practice, play, practice, play - resulting in a higher rate of injury.

"Children ages 5 to 14 account for nearly 40 percent of all sports-related injuries treated in hospitals. On average the rate and severity of injury increases with a child's age."

The main reason that the type and severity of sports injuries increases in children over this years is due to over practice. By making a child feel as though he/she has to practice over excessively in order to go pro and live a life of luxury, you are hurting the child - they will continue to play and get hurt, ignoring the fact that they are injuring themselves.

"Overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students."

My point exactly - over practice, overplaying a sport can result in repeated injury.

These two points were pulled off of

Distorted facts.

In most cases, children aren't athletically gifted; it is simply their parents that make them feel that way, and give them a unrealistic sense of who they are and what they want to become.

Percent of coaches who are dads coaching their own kids 85%

This was pulled from

My point is that allowing a child to pursue sports as a career is unrealistic in most cases. With 85% of coaches who are dads coaching their own kids, their are bound to be some distorted facts.

"Great job, son!"

"I fell ten times."

"Still, great!"

This is what I mean - sports as a career interest gives most children an unrealistic sense of who they are, when, in most cases, the child isn't even athletically gifted.

What are the odds?

Very few can go pro in sports. Very few. Setting kids up as a sports success will not only give them an unrealistic sense of who they are, it only sets most up for disappointment when they realize they aren't that good.
Odds of Going Pro Odds
Odds of a High School football player making it to the NFL 1 in 6,000
Odds of a High School baseball player making it to MLB 1 in 4,000
Odds of a High School basketball player making it to the NBA 1 in 10,000
Odds of a High School soccer player receiving a full ride to a Div I or II School 1 in 90

The following is from a study done by Michigan State on Youth Sports. 10,000 kids ages 5-14 nation-wide were surveyed.

Pulled from

Children should not rely solely on sports as a career option, because the odds are microscopic and it will only lead to disappointment in the future.

My argument is that 'sports as career' is a disadvantage to a child, because it provides them with an distorted image of themselves, it can lead to injury if done in excess, and it will lead to disappointment. I support children playing sports in moderation - but choosing it as a career option and practicing it in obsession, no, unless they prove to be a prodigy. Even then, they should have a Plan B if something goes wrong - say, they get injured.

'Sports as career' is not beneficial to a child's thinking and health.
Debate Round No. 2


dappatel forfeited this round.


I would like to sum up my stance to the voters.

Kids should play sports if they want to, but when they and their parents decide that it should be their career path, I disagree with it. These parents are, most likely, arrogant to the fact that their kid is not that great - but they make them they are, and inspire them to be something they really aren't. And, if they were really good, there still is the problem with injury - one broken bone or sprained muscle, and you're out. Also, the odds at going pro is so slim, that it will only set the child up for disappointment.

Unless this child is a sports prodigy, than they should not be influenced to pick sports as a career option. Even then, they should have a more traditional plan "B" in case they get injured or something doesn't work out.

Vote for the debater than debated in every round, and provided fact and backed it up with a resource.
Debate Round No. 3
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