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Sisterhood of DDO


This debate will decide whether or not the group "The Brotherhood" contributes and is fit for DDO. I will argue that the Brotherhood is nothing a group of racists causing trouble on this site. I have nothing against the brotherhood nor am I a part of it. This is simply for the fun of debating [note: this debate is intended for the newer members of the brotherhood. Use this opportunity to prove your usefulness to the organization ;)]...

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Should Football stop being a sport


Football is a popular and loved sport among America and it's citizens, but it's extremely dangerous. Football has led to certain problems in life including concussions, short-term memory, disorientation, stretching and compacting of the brain, and even death! I'm a fan of the Dolphins and football but its just that foot ball is causing harm to players and little kids that play it. I would appreciate your answer, thank you for reading....

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We should perform Anti-Violence medication test to black prisoners


As we know it, Black people are much more violent, then white people. My idea is to use those anti-violent medications on Black Prisoners who participated in violent crimes in an effort to bring their primal violent tendencies to an end. The process would go like this: The prison would either peacefully or forcefully take the black prisoner into a waiting a room. The scientist would inject, or give a pill to the Black prisoners. The black prisoners would be relocated until the testing...

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Is Super bowl XLIX the best superbowl of all time?


Hello folks, it is the time again where football season has returned. So I have decided to create a little fun debate. Rules: 1. Round 1 is acceptance only (Arguments are for other rounds.) 2. No foul language. 3. No forfeits (Automatic loss) 4. Have fun Who dares accepts my challenge???...

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It is soccer not football


my friend is loony and I have to prove to him that it is soccer not football....

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New York Yankees 2017 World Series Champs!!


This should be a great debate, I'm picking the New York Yankees to win the World Series this year. Now you can argue against me with 29 other pro teams having a better shot. So tell me why you don't think the Yankees will win the World Series. What team will win then. Nobody else!! Because the Yankees are winning it all in 2017, and I have facts to demonstrate why. Bring it!!...

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it should be compulsory for all school students to participate in a team sport .


I think that sports should not be compulsory because 1. some people have disabilities and can not do it 2. lots of sports clubs can go bankrupt 3. some people have bad sportsmanships and when they play sports they could be sore winner or sore losers...

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Should video gaming be considered a real sport and taken more seriously


First, let's define sports. According to, the meaning of sports is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc." While playing video games might not require as much physical prowess, it is very competitive. Example 1: In CS:GO, competitive players will compete in tournaments for as much as up to 1 Million USD such as in the most recent PGL ma...

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Is Marching Band a Sport?


Marching Band is definitely a sport. It is extremely physically taxing, there are practices and rehearsals, and there are competitions. All three things are required to be considered a sport. You have to focus on your technique, step size, the speed of your marching, and exactly where to go. That is marching alone. Add a three movement piece with challenging notes, rhythms, and volume and got a marching band. If you are ever not focused, you are doing it wrong. You are focusing on at least ten t...

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Melon is better than gelo


I think gelo is better than melo,melo shot one half court shot and made some 3s ,now he is shooting a lot 3s and half court shots and he is not making any he has missed 20 3s in a game.Gelo is better because he is a all around player he can get rebounds,shoot,pass drive and even post up good.That is why I am against this argument I think gelo is better than melo....

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