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star treck is better

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Started: 3/15/2016 Category: Movies
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10. Darth Vader has only one sphere, the Death Star. The Borg have thousands upon thousands of spheres AND cubes. (Geometric shapes seem to be a favorite among villans...)
9. Those light sabers are kinda primative compared to phasers. Why have a sword when you can have a gun?
8. Star Trek has four series (soon to be five) and a lot more movies.
7. The Federation vs. The Force. Skywalker wouldn't have a chance!
6. Star Trek's technology is much more advanced. What's so bad about transporters saving you life, anyway?
5. The graphics in Voyager alone are just as good as those in the re-made version of Star Wars.
4. Chakotay doesn't fall in love with Janeway and find out she's his sister.
3. People on Star Wars are mostly planet-ridden. Doesn't seem like there have been any ships lost for seven years to make it back home against all odds, no space stations that survive through constant battles, or anything else like that.
2. There is more than one way to get around...from star ships to shuttles to transporters...from warp to transwarp to slip stream...
1. it just is


Well, I thank my opponent for quickly issuing a challenge to me after I asked him too. I will begin to argue Star Wars is better.

Death Star:

Until you Trekkies petition to have the Borg Square built, you will lose since the fan base of Star Wars has actually petitioned the U.S. Federal Governemt to build a Death Star[1]. While it was rejected, around 35,000 signed it. The thing is, the Death Star is more well-known that your Borg. It doesn't matter how many there are. If an obscure film had 10,000 battle station double the size of these, would we consider them better?


Deflecting incoming fire right at the shooter is nothing to sneeze at. How would you like to be hit with you're own bullet? The Lightsabers is good in both short- and long-range combat.


I do concede that the Star Trek franchise has produced more movies and TV shows. However, what really matters is the money. The new Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens, has grossed $1.98 million world wide [2]. The entire Star Trek movies combined have only grossed $1.91 million [3]. One movie has beat all the Star Trek films in terms of money.


Oh, please. The Federation is for exploration, not for fighting. This isn't going to be fair fight. Take any faction from Satr Wars and compare it with any faction from Star Trek. Star Wars is, obviously, about space wars. The Borges might be a little bit more of a fair fight, but still, they don't have the experience of fighting a real army


It's hard to say how advanced each are. Star Trek focuses more on technology, but still, the Star Wars universe has plenty of explosives to keep anyone occupied.


The Star Wars graphics have aged well. Not too many movies from that time period are as well done. Plus, Voyager was made almost three decades after A New Hope. Please list a movie which we can compare. Voters, please decide for yourselves which one is better, and which one holds up today.


I completely concede to this point.


Come on, there is so many different types of ships, that this isn't a concern.

It Just Is:

More people would say the Star Wars is better than there are Trekkies.

Debate Round No. 1


I thank my competitor for his reasons now I will state the reason why star trek is better

There's Way More Star Trek Than Star Wars...And Most Of It Is Better

For starters, there's just so much more Star Trek to consume than Star Wars. Including the Star Wars prequels and J.J. Abrams' 2015 flick, that makes seven in-cannon movies. Throw a few cartoons in there, a couple of movies with Ewoks, and that's about it. Meanwhile, Star Trek has a whopping 12 films, five television series with a combined total of almost 30 seasons, and an animated series. Is every episode of Star Trek a five star powerhouse? Of course not. Can we agree that there are some pretty rough Trek movies? Definitely. But when you compare the win/loss columns of both franchises, Star Trek easily comes out on top with way more good stuff than bad. And at least Star Trek had the good sense to stagger its good and bad movies. Those Star Wars prequels were just a never-ending parade of Gungan-flavored suckitude.

Read More:


So, the basis of my opponent's argument is that (please excuse the bad grammar) there is more good Star Trek movies than Star Wars. I'd like to argue quality vs quantity. The Star Trek franchise has produced more movies, but which is better? I fully apology to all Star Wars fans for this statement, but more people have decided to spend more money on Star Wars than Star Trek. That includes the prequels. TFA has made more money, meaning that people felt that it was worth their money to watch it. People don't spend money on entertainment that won't entertain them. I know many will say "We didn't know the prequels would suck" but what about all those rereleases? I come to the unfortunate conclusion that many people simply enjoy watching the Prequels.

The many Star Trek films don't prove that it was incredibly good. It just means that it earned enough to make another movie.

Pro has dropped pretty much every other argument I had in round 1. His only point this round was that Star Trek has more films, so it's better. I successfully showed that more films don't equal better franchise, but the money spent on it.

P.S.: Voters, please forgive me for defending the prequels. I needed to for the sake of the debate.
Debate Round No. 2
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what are you on about
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
In the comments or the debate?
Posted by lolking78 2 years ago
What do u mean
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
When do you plan to respond? Few minutes? Few hours? Need the full three days?
Posted by lolking78 2 years ago
I know
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
Well, that was quick.
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