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subway ingredients

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Started: 4/24/2015 Category: Health
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wheres the one place you can find sub sandwiches? subway right, the place where you can put anything you want in your sandwich. but are is really in your sandwiches? where do they get all there ingredients from? are they natural? are they artificial? where do they get them?maybe they have gmo's in them, i don't know what should you do the next time you go to subway?


I gladly accept this debate and I will start off by say that if you do not understand what is in the ingredients or you don't know then why is your stance con?

You surely should do some research before you go straight in and decide that you are against subway"s ingredients and you must know that this was a strange thing to do because what if they are all natural then you would be saying that you hate all natural foods.

You must also realize that many people can go to other places to get subs like Mr.Sub and other organizations so with such a wide variety of places to go, not just subway, so what you said was a logical fallacy, to be specific, the black and white fallacy. You presented two possible states of getting subs, either going to subway for subs or not going anywhere else. {1}

And on that I take my leave, thank you

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Posted by MissLenaElan 3 years ago
I recommend editing your grammar and word choices before posting a debate in the future.
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