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taco bell is a better restaurant than burger king

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Started: 10/4/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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first round is acceptance only.


Burger king is a better restaurant than taco bell.
Debate Round No. 1


To start my argument in the first i will give two reasons why taco bell is a better restaurant.

I go to taco bell alot so i know that the prices are very great at taco bell compared to burger kings high prices. It costs me $5.00 to eat at taco bell and get entirely fool but on the flip side if i go to burger king it takes $7.00 to fill me up and in this economy everyone could use that saved money. Plus more things come with that $5.00 dollars i spend at taco bell. A burrito,quesidilla,cinnamon twists,and a drink. at burger king if i walked in with the $7.00 i mentioned then i would get less. chicken fries,fries,and a drink.

next i say variety because when i walk into taco bell everytime i have trouble picking something because there are so many choices. there are tacos,burritos,fiesta potatoes,tostadas,supreme nachos,flat bread taco,quesidillas,chips,cinnamon twist,cheese rolls,etc. when i walk into burger king the choice of food is made simple because i decide between chicken fries , burgers,burgers, and more burgers!


Let's first examine the $1 Whopper, a burger that exemplifies and spearheads the Burger King restaurant philosophy. The $1 Whopper is available with a choice of nine different meats, three lip-smacking sauces, five fresh veggie toppings, four gourmet cheeses and/or three classic condiments. When one strays away from this staple to options such as vegetarian burgers, flame-broiled and chicken burgers, salads, fries, refreshments (a total of 23), breakfast, value and kids meals, Burger King's variety of classic American dishes is evident. It is this quality selection that leads anyone looking for American food to Burger King.

However, Burger King is not just the dominant name in American cuisine fast-food, but the dominant name in all cuisines. Any conscience American cares about the ingredients they are pumping into their bodies, and Taco Bell is a clear second when seeking a modest, healthy diet. A staple Taco Bell item, the 5-layer burrito, contains 540 calories, and all that after a deep-cutting 25% fat reduction. The parallel BK staple, $1 Whoppers, total a lean 340. That's 200 more empty calories, 3 grams more fat and twice the sodium that an average consumer eats at a typical Taco Bell stop-in. A visit to Burger King never makes you feel guilty.

It's clear Burger King wins in nutritional value and selection variety, however there is another category in which BK has an even more ridiculous lead. It is truly during beverage selection that BK's superiority emerges. Taco Bell brings a meager two drink categories to the playing field: Sparklers/Freezes and Fountain sodas. Almost comically, Taco Bell refuses to offer the most basic of soft drinks: Coca Cola. Sure you'll find Pepsi, normal and diet, enough Pepsi to make you suffocate on your own vomit, but no Coca-Cola. Not a drop. Burger King offers Coca-Cola, and 22 other drinks, more than twice what Taco Bell offers. One can understandably look at this written evidence and fail to see the importance of beverages at a fast food restaurant, yet the importance becomes quite clear after the first bite you've taken of that cheesy burrito or thick steak burger. Burger King and Taco Bell are equally filling, yet Taco Bell fails in the follow-up. After you've eaten a dense, fattening meal at Taco Bell, you are only offered sugary flavors like fruit punch and cherry cr�me, that induce as much thirst as the meal you've just consumed. After eating that volcano taco you sure could use a nice refreshing Coca-Cola, and what does Taco Bell have? Fruit Punch.

Sources: Taco Bell website:
Burger King website:
Personal experience
Debate Round No. 2


a simple observation for my opponent: you failed to debate the pro argument and all you did was start with yours.
going on,
argument 1: If you have noticed the world no longer cares about the healthy food. another quick observation is that they dont want healthy they want good. if people actually cared about eating healthy every fast food restaurant would be out of buisness because no fast food restaurant is really healthy. so right off the bat your first argument is weak.

argument 2: now lets talk about the drinks. people do not go to a restaurant for the drinks they go for the food! the drink is there to make the food go down easierl. people do not say, "im going to taco bell so i can get a drink". so this argument is weak also.


The pro-side debater maintains, "No fast food restaurant is really healthy". The ignorance of such an assertion is clearly illustrated when one examines the nutritional facts of a Burger King meal. Burger King's main options are quite healthy, packed full of essential nutrients. For instance, Burger King's multifarious menu features fruit-topped oatmeal, a 270 calorie treat that won't bust your gut, while still providing the protein (5g) and carbohydrates (55g) consumers need to kickstart active lifestyles. Calories from this heart breakfast can be shed as quickly as they were put on with an hour of mild gardening or housework. Even cheeseburgers, once dismissed as a puerile splurge, are redefined by the BURGER KING� Cheeseburger, a thick, 16-grams-of-protein ground round that somehow manages to total only a lean 300 calories. For that amount of satisfaction, consumers expect more than twice that many calories, what one will find in a Taco Bell Chalupa.

Burger King's willingness to go above and beyond in terms of health and deliciousness would be appreciated in any decade. But in this one, it's a matter of life and death. As of 2010 2/3 of the American populace are obese or overweight. If you're lucky, excess weight will only cause complications like menstrual irregularites and sleep apnea. Most of the obese aren't lucky and suffer from conditions like osteoarthritis (a degeneration of cartilage and bone), cancers of the breast, colorectal, endometrial, and kidney, type 2 diabetes and (sometimes repeat) strokes. Conscious choices like the basic Burger King hamburger, totaling 260 calories, can fight the obesity epidemic. The obese are aware of the dangers of their condition and the assertion that "they dont want healthy they want good" belittles the efforts they have made to change.

Sources: (Taco Bell) (Calorie Info) (Burger King) (Obesity Statistics)
Debate Round No. 3


jesusfreek forfeited this round.


fwakeling forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by fwakeling 6 years ago
To the pro side representative, jesusfreek, I would like to ask that you cite your sources and do not tell me how to execute my debates. Please do not tell me that I "didn't debate your arguments and only presented mine". I am asking you to stop making the debate personal for the quality of the debate.

Posted by DHDebate 6 years ago
Good job with your opening arguments Joseph. I see a real depth of analysis on your arguments, and I really like how you make your warrant so explicitly clear. The only real problem is I'm having trouble seeing a real direct impact,or at the very least a conclusion from each argument.

Focus more on why your arguments matter.
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