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tacos should be illegal

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Started: 8/9/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rules: -Round 1 is acceptance
-No kritiks/semantics (no definitions)
-No trolling
-Con has to argue for the resolution that "tacos should be illegal"
Debate Round No. 1


Tacos should be legal because

A) They are generally not harmful. At worst, tacos can cause you to release horribly smelly and hot farts. But fats are not damaging in any way and cannot effect you in the tiniest of ways. Tacos may harm you if you eat too many of them, but that would only be through the fault of your own. And technically, any food can be eaten too many times to an extent where people get fat or obese. If you think that tacos should be illegal because they can make you (eventually) fat, then you might as well believe that all food should be illegal. Plus, (most) tacos have lots of meat in them, and meat contains protein. As you can see, protein can supress your hunger. If that's the case, then many people who eat a taco or two will refuse to eat more since the protein will make their hunger subside. If you think eating foods that can make you fat is bad, then banning french fries would be more beneficial. French fries have salt that can actually INCREASE your hunger. And even IF some tacos are unhealthy, you can choose healthier tacos to eat at other restaurants/stores.

B) Why would we ban ALL tacos? Some tacos are healthy and can reduce your hunger. Even some of the unhealthy tacos can still prevent you from growing TOO hungry. There are plenty of unhealthy foods in the food industry that are considered "unhealthy". Tacos are not even widely known for being unhealthy, it's quite the contrary. Pizza, sandwiches, french fries, ice cream, and burgers are generally all more unhealthy than tacos. Does that mean we should ban all types of foods that range from somewhat healthy to very unhealthy? If we are talking about ALL tacos, then frankly, we are only causing a damage to the economy of food industries. Banning types of foods will cause a collapse for any restaurant that sells tacos. What if tons of poor people are starving to death and the first restaurant they see is one that sells unhealthy food? Should they just try to rush off to a healthier restaurant and possibly die during the process? Fat food is better than no food, since it can supply your body the energy it needs to function. There are circumstances in which some people would HAVE to eat a taco.

So there you have it. The only thing that can be bad about a taco also gives benefits and prevents bigger issues. And as I have already asked, should we ban EVERY food that fits into the category of being generally decent in terms of health, and anything else that is below this category? If yes, then economy and death rates will rise. If no, then why would tacos be banned? What is it about tacos that are worse than any of the aforementioned foods that I listed?



Trolltjb3123 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Trolltjb3123 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


Full forfeit, Vote Con.


Trolltjb3123 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by really12 2 years ago

Yes cows are nefarious beings that destroy our ozone layer :P


Hmm... Yes, I do believe I recall that, if I remember rightly it was in New York City when I was a rich businessman with a briefcase and well-groomed suit and I quickly walked down streets with a briefcase in one hand and a to-go coffee cup in the other while pushing past people as if I was late for work and had little consideration for others. This is why I refused to tip that waitress as I simply love money too much :P
Posted by provideoman123 2 years ago
Mr. Really,

I have recently caught wind of a rumour that you refused to tip the waitress a fair tip at a certain restaurant. I understand that in the USA, it is common practice to tip the waitress. When I eat at an American restaurant, I always make sure to tip, as it is respectful to adopt the culture of the nation you are in. News of your injustice has travelled far and wide, so do please tip her a fair tip.

Your friend,
provideoman123, Master Debater
Posted by lol101 2 years ago
By that logic, cows should be illegal. :P
Posted by really12 2 years ago
Tacos cause powerful farts that are detrimental to the ozone layer. :P
Posted by lol101 2 years ago
I meant to say farts on the 2nd sentence, not fats.
Posted by DeepInThought 2 years ago
Hey pro Con said no trolling :)
And how dare you speak against the taco, you must live by the taco, or die by the taco convert!!! convert!!!
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