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teacher should poses weapons during a class

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Started: 2/14/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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yeah but if a shooter came in a school, what would you do sit in a corner and hop you don't get shoot .if you got a firearm you could take him out before he\she shoots any one



So the argument is that teachers should possess firearms in case a student comes into a school firing a weapon.

So let's examine what a teacher does for a living. A teacher is responsible for teaching a particular subject. That's what a teacher has been trained for, that's what he studied for, and that's what's expected of him. Therefore, under the typical and normal tasks expected of him, shooting students is not one of them.

I can agree that the school and the faculty as a whole is responsible for the well being of students while at school, but this hardly involves taking firearms into a classroom. It usually involves peaceful resolution of student disputes and applying methods of punishment or counseling for deviant behaviors.

Even in the case that you have one teacher carrying a weapon then you should make every teacher carry one, simply as you will be unable to predict where and when a shooting might happen. The risk from having a sixty year old teacher use a weapon in a public place among students might be greater than the casualties expected from the shooting. Moreover I don't think that there is a single teacher who would find it acceptable for him to take such action when lots of other things can be done in order to prevent such incidents.

Don't forget that the important element in any kind of public shooting is the element of surprise, no one expects it to happen. Therefore it is next to impossible to prevent it once a weapon has found its way into school grounds. This means that having a weapon wouldn't prevent much from happening. The person shooting knows that he will be shot at by the police therefore any such action would only take minutes to cause maximum casualties and any preventive action such as shooting back only has a slim chance of success, if any at all.

Looking forward to your reply.
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