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television/movies are leading cause of violence in today's society

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Started: 7/9/2013 Category: Education
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television or movies are not a cause of violence in today's society.


This will be short, but I only have Thirty Minutes to post my argument for this round, so it will be required to be short. I will be spending less amount of my time researching, and more of my time, typing, so excuse me if I lack an extensive research nor amount of sources.

I would like to thank my opponent for allowing me to debate with her on this topic.

I will be debating that Television and Movies are not the primary cause of violence in society.

Opening Arguments
In this modern age, we have found violence to be a huge problem in today's society. Contrary to the strong family foundations of a hundred years ago, we live in an age of rebellion and strife. What has changed? What has resulted in the violence that we see around us?
My opponent is debating that television is the primary reason of violence today. But is it really so?

Could it be our culture, and the mindset of society?

From what I see, it is.

Television and movies are not good or bad generally. They are tools that can be used to spread one agenda or another, whatever we define as good or bad. Many people in the industry have used violence and sex because now the culture is leaning towards it.

With the downfall of family values, people have become more rebellious of their parents, seeking excuses for bad behavior, and not following the advice of their eleders. Many people justify murder with 'it feels good', thinking that their actions is justified by the mindset that you shuold do what feels good to you.

Can you make the claim that television and movies will cause murder regardless of culture? No, you can't. Television and Movies are steered by culture, because they are appealing to the cultural majority.

Television and movies are like a microphone. They're amplifiers. The speaker is making his speech, regardless of the microphone. The microphone only helps him.

In the same way, if cultural mindset is that crime is justifiable, like it is today, television and movies are only an aid. Not a cause. Regardless of television and movies, if the cultural mindset finds justification for crimes, then there will be crimes committed in such a way.

Thank you,
—The Yummy Cod
Debate Round No. 1


cratiha forfeited this round.


Con forfeited round.

I would also like to apologize. With the heat of the moment, I misunderstood that I am arguing the Pro position. Stupid me. If Con wants to continue this debate, I will be willing to debate the Pro position in Round 3.
Debate Round No. 2


cratiha forfeited this round.


Con Forfeit. Despite my being a complete idiot and arguing the wrong way, I do win by default.

How cool is that?

Thanks for the 'debate'!
The Yummy Cod
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheYummyCod 5 years ago
Didn't realize that I only had 30 minutes... This will be exciting.
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