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that fashion is harmful and has a negative impact on society and the individuals within it

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Started: 4/23/2009 Category: Arts
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Voting Period
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the fashion industry is a billion dollar industry that creates many positive opportunites throughout society.
the topic can be defined as in that fashion; including but not restricted to all types and items of clothing, of trends that are considered 'fashionable' and of miscellanous items also considered fashionable - those such as cosmetics, fragrances and other accessories has a negative impact on those individuals and those of society.
my first point is that the fashion industry employs some millions of people. italy alone's fashion and textile industry employs over 800, 000 workers in over 30, 000 different companies. this means that it is fashion that is creating opportunites for people to make an income, and contributes to the well being of many of its employees - assisting them with the basic neccessities that they need to get through life.

if these millions of employees/employers didnt have the fashion industry, many of them would have to face a much harder life and perhaps be thrown into debt. in already a time of financial turmoil, this os why the fashion industry is crucial to modern day society and its citizens.

my second point is that wealthy and successful industries such as the fashion industry are the only things keeping us from the horrors of a great depression.

fashion is one of the most popular things to purchase. i mean, really, what do you enjoy more, getting new comfy, pretty clothing.... or buying some meat for dinner?
personally i would rather the clothing. necause fashion is so enjoyable people purcahse it often, contributing to the countries wealth and economy - and in these times of recession, saving us from another depression.

without the fashion industry we would be just a stones throw away from a horrific repeat of the 1930s depression.

i hope i have convinced you that fashion is most certainly not harmful :)


Fashion Fascists is what we are.

It's about time to get rid of this stupid industry.

People are starving themselves to death.

Your mom now says, "Stop eating so much. Think of all the fat people in China."

We cannot even leave our cages without getting dressed.

Everyone should get a choice: To go naked or wear uniforms that make us look terrible.

"Fashion" being the art of making yourself look terrible anyway it wouldn't change very much.

Naked people would realize they don't look so bad after all.

Uniform people would feel a wonderful bond.

They would have something to talk about.

Clothing is unhealthy.

Korky has been wearing clothes again.

They cut off circulation to his brain

and this

comes out.
Debate Round No. 1


your opinion, or i guess 'model' of 'that people should either be naked or wear uniforms' is an idea. nothing more. if i want to take that seriously (which it's quite hard to do) it would be impossible to enforce, and wouldn't exactly solve annything - nor does it imply 'that fashion is harmful' which i thought was the point to be debated.

people are starving themselves, you say followed by something about fat people in china. firstly, it is not fashion that is starving these people, so why is that a valid point? they are choosing to starve themselves - i presume you are speaking about the model industry, and how some of them are dangerously underweight - and i'd also like to point out that aybe these people dont have any hope of gaining a different type of ob other then modelling for whatever reason, so they would be starving anyway: this way they get paid for it.

clothing is unhealthy? okay, but you got any evidence for that? didn't think so.

my next point is that fashion is more then clothing, it is an art form. it ios a way of expressing yourself, and should be admired. the pieces created by designers are truly amazing. the dedication and effort put into these clothes make you realise that fashion is more then an industry, its a passion. how can it be harming anyone when all it does is gives them expression, gives them a job, and most of all, gives them a passion.

as well as a passion for designers, it can be an 'expression' for the consumers. people express themselves by what they choose to wear. it expresses their thoughts, feeling and gives them induviduality and uniqueness. it seperates them from the crowd, and impacts the diversity of this world.

my final point is that fashion as well as a passion for designers, is a hobby for consumers. how many times do you see teens walking around with their friends at large department stores, having fun and walking into every clothes store ithin sight? this is giving them joy, not harm.

yeah, i win.


Those teens shopping for clothes are bankrupting their parents. They will be the best dressed teens in the poorhouse.

As a matter of fact there are quite harmful effects from fashion, including back problems from corsets and girdles, as well as from high heeled shoes, not to mention neck problems and back problems and foot problems and everything else in between problems from high heels. Metallic poisoning from jewelry, especially piercings. Cutting off of circulation, especially by socks. Harmful effects of fabrics and chemical dyes. Chemicals, not only in clothing but in cosmetics and perfumes Many people are allergic or very sensitive to chemcals.

Harmful effects to society I have brifly touched upon but also include using blood plasma for cosmetics.

Robin Hair is still at large

Here is a recent victim:

Robin Hair must be stopped. Perhaps my opponent will be next.

One stategy is the "poison pill:"

She is certainly safe from Robin Hair. But at what cost? Oops, a beneficial effect of fashion. Strike that.

But the real horror is sweat shops.

How about those teens working in sweatshops?

They could get a living wage with a few cents added to the price.

Here's what money is worth anyway:

People could still make clothes if that's a good idea but just not wear them.

There could be clothing museums where people could go to admire the clothes. Since nobody would be actually wearing them they wouldn't have to be different sizes and would last a lot longer.

When you own clothes they spend most of the time in your closet. This way they would get maximum exposure and now your closet if you had one would of course be just uniforms. If you didn't have one think of the space savings.

People should be permitted to take clothes home and admire them but not wear them. This way they would become pure art. Designers would be happy too since more of their art could be appreciated by more people.
Debate Round No. 2


kashton forfeited this round.


She's still out shopping.

Also tattoos, nail polish, hair dye and hair spray and fake suntan coloring, injuries from pins and eye makeup in instead of around the eye, and anybody that wants to can grab your nose ring and twist it. Ouch. In the Middle Ages they tortured people by piercing their tongues. Now it brings pleasure if you say so. Just don't swallow it. Piercings look hideous.

The FBI has warned us that one way to spot a terrorist is by tattoos and body piercings. I am not making this up.

Fashion is certainly not gender-neutral.

Men just get to wear the same old stuff. It's not fair.

Fashion models would all be robots. Soon we will all be robots anyway.

I favor the priest and nun style. Then we could all be priests and nuns and who knows what they're doing.

People would go to prison or join the Army just to get a different uniform.

Fashion is our society's way of saying that these things really matter anyway. Fashion victimizes women by giving them false values. It causes women to believe that men are looking for superficial values, so it hurts both men and women. Men appreciate a woman who can carry on an intelligent conversation. Women are fed up with men's false values such as sports, and men are also fed up with women's false values. Both are fed up with the false values we get from the media. We need to create our own value. Self-esteem is worth far more than window dressing.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by brian_eggleston 9 years ago
I was going to take this debate and argue that it is morally unacceptable to exploit malnourished orphans in underdeveloped countries to produce dirt-cheap clothes that are subsequently flogged on to gullible, vacuous punters in the West with huge mark-ups in order to satisfy the fashion industry's greed for profit and their victims' vain attempts to gain self-esteem by cladding themselves in garments bearing over-hyped labels.

Infrareded's left field argument went over my head a bit but what I think he is saying is that if you are ugly and overweight you are still going to be pig in knickers, even though your undergarments were bought in a Knightsbridge boutique rather than from a market stall on the Mile End Road.

Still, kashton's argument's are very well expressed and I am looking forward to the next round.
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