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the Seattle Seahawks are better than the New Orleans Saints

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Started: 10/8/2013 Category: Sports
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First round is for acceptance.


I accept your challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you MichaelPhelps for accepting this debate.

There are numerous reasons why the New Orelans Saints are better than the Seattle Sehawks

Record: The New Orleans Saints right now, have a 5-0 record, have won 2 road games, and have won their games by an average of 12.2 points per game. The Seattle Seahawks are 4-1, but have played much weaker competition, including game against the 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars, and the 1-3 Carolina Panthers. The Seahawks have only played 2 games against teams with a winning record, going 1-1.

Defense: The New Orleans Saints are giving up only 14.6 points per game, including only 17.5 points per game against teams with a winning record. The seattle Sehawks are giving up an average of 16.2 points per game, including an average of 18.5 points per game against teams with a winning record.

Coaching: Sean Peyton, the coach of the New Orleans Saints, has gone an impressive 33-8 the past three sasons as head coach, and has won a Super Bowl. Pete Carroll, Coach of the Seattle Sehawks, has not advanced further than the divisional round, and has not won a Super Bowl.


Thanks to Con for his response; I will now present my remarks

Contention 1: Record:
As of week 6 the Seahawks and Saints have identical records of 5-1. The saints are currently 2-1 in road games. Yet those wins came at the hands of mediocre opponents such are the Buccaneers currently sitting at 0-6. It is unfair to judge a team and how well they play on the road after just over a quarter of the season. As of week 6 the seahawks are winning games by an average 10.5 point differential which is third in the league vs the saints whose differential is 9.6 [1].

Contention 2: Defense:

"The New Orleans Saints are giving up only 14.6 points per game"

Here you cited outdated statistics. As of week 6 the Seahawks stingy D only allows on average 15.7 points per game to opponents [1] vs the New Orleans Saints who average 17.2 points per game vs opponents. The seahawks defense has also forced 17 takeaways of opponents vs the Saints 12 [2].

Contention 3: Coaching:

Sean Payton does have quite the resume true but over his head coaching tenure in New Orleans he had a .663 Win record [3]. But in Pete Carroll's last two years with the Seahawks he has an almost .700 win record.

I would like to thank my opponent, the audience and the voters. See you next round.

Debate Round No. 2


Thank you, Michaelphelps for your arguments.

Record: After week 6, the Saints and Sehawks both sit at identical records of 5-1 through Week 6. However, the Saint's loss was to the Patriots, who are 5-1, and lost to the 4-2 Cincinati Bengals. The Seattle Seahawks loss was to the 4-2 colts, who have losses to the 3-2 Dolphins and 3-3 Chargers. The Seattle Seahawks best win was a 29-3 win over a 4-2 49ers team that was missing it's 3 best recivers. The New Orleans Saints have a victory at the 4-2 Chicago Bears 26-18 (which the Saints were leading, andading 26-10 with 2:00 left), and a 38-17 win over the Miami Dolphins, the same team that the Indianapolis Colts, who beat the Seahawks, lost to. Therefore, the Seahawks have had the tougher schedule, and more quality wins.

Defense: After weeks 6, the Saints are only giving up an average of 338 yards per game, and have a 7-8 touchdown to interception ratio.

Coaching: Sean Payton the Coach of the New Orleans Saints, has gone 13-3 and 11-5 in regulars seasons, and has a Super Bowl on his resume. Pete Carroll's best record in the regular season is 11-5, and has not gotten past the divisional round, therefore, he has yet to win the Super Bowl.


Michaelphelps forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kellymsc2014 3 years ago
Defense wins championships, and the Seahawks have a 100x better defense than the Saints. End of story.
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