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the bible has no significant contradictions in it

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Started: 8/4/2013 Category: Religion
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the only one's i predict you might find, as trivial details, like how many people were at a place, or the color of something. or things that are too vague to mean anything, "our God is a venegful God" "our God is a merciful God".
anything else i will argue, has reasonable explanations.

please provide no more than three. more than that and people are just copy and pasting everything conceivable throwing it to teh wall to see what sticks. three makes you pick your best and stake your credibility on it, and it makes it easier to deal with, all it takes is one blatant contradiction to show the bible has error.


Okay, here we go, now I take a GCSE Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) course. We have learnt about the many ways that Christians see God and what they believe him to be.

The main, and most promenant contradiction in the Bible, is the other half to the most important part of Christianity, and that is Heaven and Hell. Now to start, Christians believe their God has many different values. The biggest of these are that he is;
Benevolent- An all loving and all caring entity.
Omniscient- An all knowing entity.
Omnipotent- An all powerful entity.
The judge- To govern and rule over life and afterlife.

So here is the biggest contradiction of them all. If God is said in the Bible to be a benevolent being, then why does he send people to hell? Surely if he loves every one of us, then why are we punished?

Secondly, the Bible says that we are made in God's image. So why do we have so many faults? Why did he give us faults?

We have freewill to say and do as we please. Surely this means that God is not in control of us, and is not Omnipotent?

In the Garden of Eden, a serpent tempts Eve to eat a fruit from the Tree of Life. This is reffered to "The garden of the lord" in Genesis. Why is a serpent inside of his Garden? The garden is there to serve protection to Adam and Eve, so why is it there?

Here is a very unanswerable question. Now in order for good to exist, evil must, otherwise you would not know if something was good. So as the bible talks about good, therefore evil, and evil towards humans whom were built in God's image, God cannot be benevolent. If God is the judge and is omnipotent, then he must make a decision based on the actions of the person in question. Therefore, if they have commited a sin, then they must be sent to hell. So how can he be all powerful if he is benevolent?

Science has proved many miraculous events in the Bible to be either false or pure chance. Take for example the story of Moses. Everybody knows that he parted the sea in order for him and the hebrews to move to safety from the Egyptian soldiers. However, at the time, the sea was meerly a lake a few feet deep, called the Reed sea. A strong wind coming in from the desert could have easily parted the land. The Bible states that jesus had nails hammered into his hands when crucified, when infact they were in his wrists.
Debate Round No. 1


you are arguing points that dont have to do with contradiction, but with the way things should or shouldnt be and how that compares to traditional teachings about God.

God can exist, and decide the wages of sin is death and hell. who are we to judge?

the traditional answer as to how we live in a fallen world, is that we have a sinful nature and live in a fallen state for that reason.

perhaps God chose to have a tempter in the garden and it's all his plan.

just some examples of poor examples on your part.


However they do have to do with contradiction as these points completely go against the main part of the religion? They contradict the whole meaning of God, and just show that it is impossible for someone to be what the Bible states?

And what is his plan adding up to?

Well if there is sinful nature, he created it, therefore must have knew that there would be problems, therefore knew he would have to send sinners to hell, therefore non-benevolent? It goes round and round like a merry-go-round, and if that isn't contradictive of what they have been teaching for the past two thousand years then I don't know what is.
Debate Round No. 2


your arguments are too obscure to take seriously, and vague. yes God is a God of love, and if you see hell as a contradiction to that, i see your reasoning, but it's not a per se contradiction, cause hell could be possible with a God of love. just an examople of how poor your arguments are and your insistence upon them


LukeMckeown forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DMiller584 4 years ago
Interesting that dairygirl is having the same debate with 2 people. Luke -- you might want to read what I wrote in Round One on that other one.
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