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the christian trinity is an illogical idea

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Started: 8/30/2015 Category: Religion
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consider this: the son is God, the father is God, the son is not the father and they are not separate Gods.


Consider this:

God's physical form was as Jesus Christ "the son". His 'true form' was raw invisible power with none of the human 5 senses being able to detect or appreciate it so the power transformed into a human but had to do so by beginning as a baby and growing itself up to adulthood before people would listen so he uses his powers to alter Mary's egg and have a baby with her without needing sex because he's all powerful and can bypass it (he invented the need for sex after all).

When his human form dies, he has to come back to finalize the message and leave a true impact in the people's minds to understand his power was not fake or imagined but very supernatural and very real (the holy ghost form). These two forms of him are nothing compared to the third invisible untouchable form that is the 'father' form as the name suggest it is the alpha and superior form.
Debate Round No. 1


con just says that God changes forms. that might lead one to think it's the same person in different capacities. but the trinity as i described it, each are God, yet each are distinct. that cannot be true.


According to Pro, if a person has split personality disorder or the ability to change forms physically but not mentally both of these mean that the individual themselves cannot be constant whilst the variables are altered into their distinct forms.

This is very untrue.

Think of it like ice, vapor and liquid water. It's still H2O but there are distinct forms of it.
Debate Round No. 2


also known as modalism. that link shows the error in which con argues the water analogy and shifiting identiy analogy. heresy.



The link, which was a new point raised in last round and wasn't even explained by Pro, explains that the trinity is interpretations and forms of God in the mind of the believer rather than actual physical father, son etc. Only the son Jesus was the actual physical form of God.

If you read this link: will see how the 'spirit' or 'core force' of god is singular but because it exists outside of reality and is not restrained by our dimensions and rules, it can take 3 forms with ease while maintaining itself as a constant amongst all 3.

I conclude that the trinity is logical as long as god itself is considered logical.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Tough 2 years ago
Here is the link of third round the formatting screwed up:
Posted by Blazzered 2 years ago
Cons arguments have me confused.
Posted by Peili 2 years ago
True, sort of. That"s the point. The moment someone is confident that they understand God, that is the point when they are the farthest away from true understanding. The doctrine of the Trinity was formulated with the understanding that God cannot be fully known by human reason. I would call it "beyond logic" as opposed to simply "illogical." However, someone who approaches the Christian God from a purely human perspective will probably find that a lot of things Christians say and do to be illogical.
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Reasons for voting decision: Spelling and grammar to Con due to Pro's grammatical errors. For the most part I was a little confused, but arguments I'm going to also have to give to Con. This is due to his argument of Jesus's assencion showing that there would have been a spirit at that point and gave the water cycle as an example that helped solidify his points.