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the dart goblin should remove from the CLASH ROYAL

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Started: 1/22/2017 Category: Games
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I see the new card (dart goblins) should remove from the game and it is very weak and have no advantage and taking elixir for nothing.


I accept the debate, and Clash Royale is a King La Ding sponsored game, and as a legendary arena player I feel a great urge to destructionize your points, as to show why we NEED the Dart Goblin in the game, even if there are better alternatives to it. I won't start arguing until next round, I am going to absolutely SUBJUGATE you into submission.
Debate Round No. 1


from my own opinion I see it is a very useless card for the players but not for Supercell as it's made a tremendous amount of money in the first week they released it, not only that they also made a huge fake advertisement to prove that the card is a strong and it is NOT at all.


The dart goblin is needed in Clash Royale, and let me explain why.

First we have to look at some of the leveling mechanics in Clash Royale to fully explain this enigma. There are four different types of cards in Clash Royale, common, rare, epic, and legendary. They increase in rarity from common to legendary. At the same time they each have different systems of leveling up, meaning each type of cards has a max level. As in commons can be leveled to 13, rares to 11, epics to 8, and legendaries to 5.

In contrast to this however there are tournament standard classifications which are the levels that cards are capped at when playing victory challenges, special event challenges (like the Kings Cup or Crown Duel), tournaments, or friendly battles. For each type the tournament caps are 4 levels below max, with commons capping at 9, rares at 7, epics at 4, and legendaries at 1.

Now onto the dart goblin, the dart goblin is a rare card with a range of 6.5. This is the same range as the royal giant, meaning they can issue direct damage on towers only a couple tiles ahead of the bridge. However the royal giant (a common card) is what could be considered a win condition card. A card that is not used for defense, but to issue heavy damage to enemy towers, in other word the card primarily used when the enemy line is broken through to damage their towers and win the game. The dart goblin is the opposite of this.

The dart goblin costs 3 elixir to cast, 3 less than the royal giant, a win condition which deals more damage but has the same range. Now the question remains how does this relate back to the necessity of the dart goblin, it stems from how a free to play player manifests themselves in the game. A free to play player effectively is a player who spends no money on the game. One of the problems for these players in Clash Royale is that there is a very high disparity in their ability to obtain many legendary cards compared to those who pay. For those who don't know the game had 10 arenas which are progresses through by winning games, and the dart goblin can only be obtained from chests in arena 9 and 10, so it is a card higher skill players can get (or those who pay high money). But let's take an Arena 9 chest for example, the odds of getting a legendary card from a arena 9 chests is as follows.

A free chest (can be obtained always, every 4 hours) has only an 0.15% chance of obtaining a legendary.
For a crown chest (can be obtained once per day by taking 10 enemy towers) has only an 0.97% chance of obtaining a legendary card.
A Silver chest (the chest most likely obtained from battling on the ladder ala for trophies) has only an 0.06% chance of having a legendary. A gold chest (second most likely chest from battling on the ladder) has just an 0.34% of obtaining a legendary.
A giant chest (Which only 4 are obtained every 240 chests) has a 1.56% chance of obtaining a legendary.
A magical chest (Which again only 4 are obtained every 240 chests) has a 9.72%
While a super magical chest (which only one drops every 500 chests) has a 58.33% chance of obtaining a legendary. [1]

Now there is an exemption to this, being legendary chests, which does have 1 guaranteed legendary, however only 1 of these is obtained every 1000 chests naturally. So what becomes clear is there is a huge disparity between the ability of people who simply pay for gems (which can then pay for giant, magical, and super magical chests) and the chance of free to play players to get legendary cards. As for the reason this is so relevant, it is because legendary cards are not necessarily the best, but are unique. All legendary cards have unique effects that are easily realized, such as the electro wizard, the only troop card which deals spawn damage, or the lumberjack, the only card which drops a spell effect upon death, or the log, which can knock back all troops in an entire lane of troops, the only card which can do so.

Once more let's look over the states of a dart goblin at tournament standard stats, (Level 7 for dart goblin).
At level 7 the dart goblin has 216 hitpoints, making it very fragile, but not as fragile as goblins or skeletons at tournament standards. It also does 93 damage to both enemy troops, buildings, and arena towers per shot. However it also has a very fast hit speed as it fires a dart every 0.7 seconds. This gives it a DPS (Damage per second) of 132 damage per second. And it can also target air and ground troops, and moves at a very fast movement speed.

Now why does this facilitate why dart goblin in a necessary addition to the game, to understand that I'll look at the statistics of one legendary card, that being the princess, at tournament standard. (As aforementioned is level 1 for legendary cards) The princess at tournament standard has 216 hitpoints, making it identical to the dart goblin, and can also target air and ground.

However here is where the differences being to manifest themselves. The princess does 146 damage per shot, but fires at a hit speed of per one shot per 3 seconds, which is much slower than the dart goblins 0.7 second hit speed. She also moves at a medium speed, much slower than the dart goblin. So she overall has a DPS of 46. However this is not to say the dart goblin in unarguably better than the princess, as the princess has a range of 9 tiles, this is what makes her so unique, she can shoot arena towers outside of their lane, and can also shoot troops in the opposite lane, for example if you have a princess in the left lane, and the opponent drops a sparky in the right lane, the princess has the range to shoot the sparky. Needless to say the princess is the only troop which can do this. The princess also does area damage, meaning that she can shoot over a certain range, as opposed to the dart goblin which can only shoot a single target at a time. So if the opponent drops a minion horde, (which spawns five low health high DPS air based troops) dart goblin would have to shoot them down one at a time, whereas the princess could shoot them all at once.

So this is the reason the dart goblin is a great card, becasue it provides to free to play players a viable option which most of them will likely never get, while both cards are different they are very similar in that they are 3 elixir cards who are fragile, but deal solid damage from far range. They are also both generally used for chip damage, a strategy which entails rather than trying to mount up a large push to take an enemy tower in one go, using smaller pushes to slowly take down the enemy tower across multiple pushes while assuring enough elixir is saved to defend.

I'd like to know is pro is a free to play player or pays for the game.
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