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the dinosaurs died less than 10000 years ago

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Started: 10/18/2016 Category: Education
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dinosaurs died less than 10000 years ago this is because of the carbon 14 found in the bones of the dinos they still have carbon 14 in them if they died 65 million years ago then they wouldn't have any carbon 14 in them at all


I have questions for you.

1) If the dinosaurs died less than 10,000 years ago, then when did they die out? Just give me an estimate.

2) What's Carbon 14? How does it work?

3) Do you have a source? If so, post the link in Round 2.
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Posted by levi_smiles 1 year ago
Since birds are officially classified as of the clade dinosauria it cannot be said that dinosaurs are extinct, although many spectrums of large, non-avian groups died off about 66 million years ago. If Pro is seeking to promote YEC, then a more forthright thesis might be: there is no evidence to support the existence of dinosaurs 100 million years ago or just cut to the chase and say the Earth is not one million years old. 20 years ago, some Christians sought to discredit carbon-14 dating when that process showed that the Shroud of Turin was younger than 1,000 years old, now misleading data from one experiment, discounted by the scientist who published the finding finds many of the same super-credulous folks embracing the Carbon-14 dating process.
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