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the military

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Started: 11/12/2014 Category: Politics
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ok im against the fact that obama thinks that he can control the entire military contract. if you dont know what im talking about then read.
a couple of weeks ago he said that since he is the president he can do what ever he wants. well then after that he started talking about the military and how he can tell them what to do and when ever to do it. he is not allowed to do that its up to congress as well. but since its obama he doesnt care. he bowed down and prayed to the isis symbol and when he became president for his second term two weks in he said he was muslim. i honestly think that either he needs to be over ruled or assasinated. im not saying im going to im just voicing my opinion


I'll go ahead and rebut this mainly just pointing out the wild accusations and blatant inaccuracies in this.

Are you seriously implying that Obama, who is currently sending in over a thousand ground troops to Iraq to combat ISIS - who did a drone campaign to combat ISIS - is an ISIS sympathizer? Didn't you open this discussion by calling him out on doing just that with the line "he said ... since he is president, he can do whatever he wants." Can you please source him saying he's Muslim? I don't think you can. In fact, you can't because he's never said that.
Your problem with Obama is the exact opposite of the actual issue. The real issue is that he's too hawkish in his foriegn policy, not that he's a Muslim ISIS sympathizer, because he's not.
The accusations that you're making are not only wildly inaccurate, but incredibly offensive.
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Posted by TrustmeImlying 2 years ago
What exactly in all that mess was you're actual point?
You chose CON, so does that mean you're against the military?
Are you saying that Obama SHOULDN'T be commander and chief or shouldn't be allowed to?

I'm confused, but if you clarify, I'll take your debate because you're wrong about most of what you said. Right now I remain unconvinced of your troll status.
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