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the only reason to fight is to find paradise.. that being the end of liers

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Started: 11/15/2015 Category: Science
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I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


hm dunno why i made it this long, feel free to attack my spaceship but beware of the prophesized scribed anti hypnotic forces that will drain your very intent to attack, before you can even see anything accuring..


Okay, first I will go onto my arguments.


Okay, BOP is on both of us. I know that Pro trolls. Pro will be talking about the only way they fight is paradise, when I will argue that there is other reasons to fight or have wars, not just paradise. In the other round Pro has to explain why paradise is being the end of liars. If Pro fills the BOP, he wins. If I fill the BOP, I win.


1. Other ways

This is an argument of it is not only paradise that they fight. It is also land, and religion.

First of all, let's go onto land. Land is a wonderful resource for people, makes more space. With more land, it is basically having more power. Wars fight about land, who gets the land, who steals land. They all do this because more land supports their country and you can do more things if you have more land. It is not by paradise.

Okay, no let's talk about war by religion. Most wars are because of religion. Without religion wars, there will be lots of peace, no 9/11 and many more. Because there is lots of religions, different beliefs, and ranks, there is always a disagreement between one and another, making an war.


There are many reasons that wars occur, not just paradise. Most wars are caused by religion, and land. My second argument will go int he next round.
Debate Round No. 2


if you know it, you can describe it like a plant on your computer table

clearly you are the troll

religion represents the opposite of paradise, the snake taking its blood by my fear to rule the world


Clearly I am not the troll.


I am clearly not the troll. Vi_spex is the troll. I win this debate because my opponent had not filled or even went close the fill the BOP when I did. I win this debate.


1. Okay, Pro's first arguments had nothing to do with fighting, paradise, or the end of liars. However my case had
fighting, and paradise is not true. Pro never had anything related to that. It was all about spaceships, which does not do anything to this topic, or anyways, support his side.

2. Okay, Pro says I am the troll when I represent topics that are related to the debate, when my opponent's arguments are nonsense. He clearly trolls. He says that religion is the opposite of paradise. I know that. Our topic is that fighting is only about paradise, when I said it is about religion too, which is not paradise, meaning that there is more reasons there is fighting, making me right.


1. I will go onto my arguments, which is only one.

My argument is that paradise is not being the end of liars.

Paradise: A very beautiful place that seems perfect.

Okay, so now my argument is that the definition is not about liars. Paradise is a perfect place. It is not being about the end of liars.

Thank you, and please vote for Con!

Debate Round No. 3


first.. you are con and havnt showed that i am wrong, simply defeated

dude you are not arguing against anything i have written.. read first how about thjat


I rebutted all of Oro's arguments, however Pro made bad arguments and did not even rebut what I said. I know I am Con, that is why I said vote for Con. I read all your arguments, when you did not rebut mine.

Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4


public dreaming


Thank you. Vote for Con!
Debate Round No. 5
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Reasons for voting decision: Con made strong arguments and presented a framework. This farmework was not contested with - which is enohgh for me to vote Con but not only is this framework ignored but the whole of Con's case is ignored. I am forced to vote con as a result.