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the tipping system is not good

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Started: 8/23/2015 Category: Philosophy
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many of the workers make less than minimum wage and often have to make up the difference with tips. it is better that the boss pay a decent wage to begin with. people pay for the food and service by patronizing the restaurant, they shouldn't feel they need to pay more by tipping.


Tipping gives people incentive to work hard.

If waiters get paid the same amount no matter how well they perform, they have no reason to work hard.

Waiters try to give customers a good expierence in order to get a good tip. Take that away and there's no reason to give customers a good expierence.

In European countries were there is no tipping this happens.

"I"ll give you a couple of examples. Possibly the best illustration of this problem comes from a restaurant in Istanbul, where the food was good, and the atmosphere was good, and the location was good, and the wait staff was all hanging around by the bar, laughing, and joking, and generally treating the customers as if they were a grave imposition on their fun. At one point, I interrupted the good time to politely ask one of these servers for a glass of ice, and he returned several minutes later with " I swear this is true "an entire, full-size drinking glass that contained one single ice cube."

"What happened is, we had to sit there and stick up our hands, and try to make eye contact, and ask politely, and stick up our hands more, and make more eye contact, and ask impolitely, just to get the bill delivered to our table. And then the servers would run away, as quickly as possible, as if they took bill dropping off lessons from a Kenyan sprinter, so we would have to repeat the exact same process once we put our credit card on the table. Sometimes, it took up to 20 minutes just to leave."

This is what happens when the incentive to work hard is taken away.
Debate Round No. 1


con argues tipping gives an incentive for good service. he almost seems to argue you'd get bad service without tipping.

the problem is that other service industries get along just fine without tipping, food prep, walmart employees, carry outs, etc. the wage itself is enough incentive to put forth an honest effort. if you dont do good, you get fired. con gave just anecdotes where service was bad. im sure it would happen from time to time, but overall, a decent wage to begin with should translate into decent service.


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Posted by canis 2 years ago
In my country there has never been a tipping system. To make it part of the wage would be totaly imoral, and illegal. (Scandinavia).
Posted by robertacollier 2 years ago
If the boss paid higher wages, then your food would just cost more. You're going to pay either way.
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