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there is no necessety of motion in fantasy, no logic

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Started: 11/9/2015 Category: Science
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cause and effect is logic


Fantasy allows the individual to express their natural status of emotion, feeling, and many others. Fantasy is a necessity, otherwise the lack of imagination would not allow us to put into effect any solution, or any plan to perhaps any "problem" in the future. As Woodard wrote in "Mad Speculation and Absolute Inhumanism: Lovecraft, Ligotti, and the Weirding of Philosophy" he states that authors such as Lovecraft in time of realism: "...that instead of nullifying realism Lovecraft in fact opens up the real to an unbearable degree."

Fictional texts such as fantasy disallow for the repression in which cause and effect happen. Indeed that Marx himself was a fantastical artist - otherwise where would history exist without the fantasy living out of the bourgeoisie and proletariat binary? What of any other philosopher including John Locke - who founded the principle of "Life, Liberty, and Property" - when had this existed in a pretense?
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