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there is no such thing as hell.

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Started: 6/29/2015 Category: Religion
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i can at best believe in hell.. stories are not real, as i cant see, hear, touch the stories beyond the words being spoken or where ever you get the story from. belief is false, be lie, as i dont know is true, and i have no beliefs

i see that i dont see a dog in my room right now, and i am certain that i am not, but i can believe there is a dog in my room that i cant see

i can believe that i will go to hell, no matter what i do, no matter what religion i believe in, and the evidence to back up this belief is equal to any religious story i can believe about hell

for me to claim, i will go to hell or heaven when i die, is not a true claim, but you claiming you are reading these words on a screen.. to you, is not an imaginary claim



I will use this debate to prove that there is without a doubt a possibility the hell exists. Here are the key points I will stick to:

1) I cannot see, touch, smell, or feel Pluto. I heard it exists, it is said it exists but I have not experienced. Does that mean that it does not exist? There argument that one has not experienced something is not a valid arguement for something to not exisst. It just means that it has YET to exist in my limited perseption of reality.

2) There has been plenty of evidents of hell existing in others prespections

People in coma's speak of an afterlife.
Multiple relegions from differnt cultures and regions mention it.
Scientest and mathmaticians have worked on eveidence to prove the exisince of god, or at least the possibility.

3) Pascals Wager

4) Concepts of hell.

I will go into more detail in the next round. By the end of the debate you will no longer deny the possibiliy of hells existance.

Debate Round No. 1


possibilities are imaginary, not real

you might as well argue azkaban from harry potter is possible

imagination exist, memories exist

only know is true, imagination is false

possibilities have 2 sides so they are false by default, if its possible i am wearing a hat then its also possible that i am not


Possibiltilities are the potential for things to be real. There are numbers betwene 1 and 0. Odds if you will. The more knolwedege and experience you have will increase that possibiltiy for the likelyhood of that to be real. Thus you can say a possibility is an idea or thought that is tranforming into existiance.

I would argue harry potter is not possible because it is outside the realms of scientific plausability. thus there is no chance for it to be a realitly.

Only know it true, I think that is only in an individuals perspective. What if you have false memories? Are those memories real despite the fact that they were warped from what was real? Imagination is the exploration of possibiltiies while odds are most cannot be possible, imagination is what transforms our current being into something new.

That is what innovation is all about, having an idea (which is not real) and creating it so that it is real. Thus without the real idea of it per say... It would never exist.

Your argument is attempting to paint pictures in black and white, however you are missing the fact that we live in many shades of grey (50 right?)

As a child you offred rewards for your behavior, like a cookie for being quiet in class. Does that cookie exist? No but the real possibility of geting that cookie drives the child to be successful in their classroom. So just because at that moment the possibiltiy is false and they child does not see the cookie, does not deem that the cookie does not exist nor does it mean they will not receieve a cookie. The same concept for hel. You might not believe it exists, you will not know it exists until your deaths, but its possibility is real enough.

So back to the matter at hand pascals wager is a common sense argument in why it is more logical to accept the possibility of hell as real rather than say its fault be default.

From the wiki:

Pascal's original formulation of the wager was written down as a fairly short paragraph in Pensées amongst several other notes that could be considered "wagers".[1] Its argument is rooted in game theory and that the best course of action is to believe in God regardless of any lack of evidence, because that option gives the biggest potential gains. Pascal's original text is long-winded and somewhat convoluted philosophy-speak,[2] but it can be distilled more simply:

  1. If you believe in God and God does exist, you will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven: thus an infinite gain.
  2. If you do not believe in God and God does exist, you will be condemned to remain in hell forever: thus an infinite loss.
  3. If you believe in God and God does not exist, you will not be rewarded: thus a finite loss.
  4. If you do not believe in God and God does not exist, you will not be rewarded, but you have lived your own life: thus a finite gain.

The gains and losses associated to outcomes 3 and 4 can be thought of as the opportunity costs of feigning belief and living in accordance with religious norms, since these are typically more restrictive than secular laws. These costs are finite because of human mortality. Mathematically, a finite gain or loss is negligible compared to an infinite gain or loss as would be incurred during an eternal afterlife. Therefore, Pascal concluded that it was a much better choice to believe in God rather than not. The Wager can also be seen in table form and it becomes clear that belief gives you a reward or (practically) nothing, while disbelief gives you punishment or nothing:

Re-affirms the poin that the idea of hell is not only real but benficial to know it exists.

Debate Round No. 2


possibilities are imaginary, never real

you reading these words is happening not can happen, or can not happen, is happening

is god impossible? becsaue then to you god is a thing?

memory=truth, not false and true

know=(is)Physical experience=NOW=life=TRUE=matter=NATURE

fact=memory of know=knowledge=truth=past

facts are in the past, past dosnt matter, now is matter, i know my experience of now

if imagination could become real.. then imagine something supernatural and make it real then. creation is impossible in reality

its possible that you will get a stone in your head as you read this last word

reality is absolute, not possible, and not impossible

IMpossible is possible by belief

there is no logic in fantasy, belief is illogical as there is no logic in fantasy, i cant die i a dream as i can only die if i am alive, and knowledge is the opposite of belief, knowledge is truth, logical, memory of physical experience

belief=be lie, as i dont know is true


Your argument is sole based on an individual experience, however that is a "2 Dimentional View of reality"

What I mean is if YOU do not experience it does not exist, however reality is made up of everyone's experience not just your perception.

For example I am typing on a Keyboard in texas. I am eating some noodles. since the words are meaningless to you because you cannot experience it first hand. My statement is a lie thus not possible and does not exist.
However If you flew here right now you would experience that the beleif is not a lie infact I do exist.

Does that mean I do not exist until you experience it? That does not make sense, and so does your arguementagainst hell. the inability to prove something does not exist does not logically disprove it's existiance because you have not experienced it.

So once we get beyond that we can look at who or what has experienced hell to give us an idea of the possibility?

In my 4th round I will explain the ideas of hell and how it is logical to belief that it exists.
Debate Round No. 3


realiy is made up?

alone=all one

when i am alone, the true size of the human population is 1

possibiltiies are imaginary, lies exist


at the point i experiecne you physically is when you are real, you are light on my screen and a story in my mind

beyond what i know is what i dont know

if i make sense right now what clothes am i wearing? am i wearing a hat?

there is no logic in fantasy, belief is illogical, as i dont know is true, belief is false, imaginary, possible



I am trying to prove to the people that there is somthing as Hell, While I can clearly see your view on what reality is. I am confident the masses would agree thet the world population is beyond your infividual experience and is not reduced to one because you dont see anyone.

That sort of logic makes me question the point of even debating? You are the only one debating we are not even real? What purpose to you have to convince other fake entities online on your point? They do not exist thus they are all lies. If everything outside of your experience, how does the world come in and out of existance just for you? How would you have electricity to use your laptop? Things happen beyond your experiences that make up reality.

So back to proving the idea of hell to people.

I cannot with a doubt prove that god exists, nor can I give you an experience of hell. as hell is concidered an after life experience. Howvever can make you wonder about the possibilty of hell and let you, and you alone think about the concepts of hell.

1) The relegious idea of hell

One concept of hell is that there is a god, and that god created all of us. He also created an afterlife for us to go to after our deaths. Hell in this persepective is the abandonment of god. Thus we come to the realization that god exists after our death but we are left out of the party into eternal damnnation.

Thus for people who belief in god, generally have a fear of hell.

There are lots of arguments for and against it, people saying they saw the light from a coma and coming back from heaven.

2) The M therory

I cant explain it all.
This idea is is that while we experience life as linear, in a 4th dimention we are actually in a circle, Our life is all written down and we repeat the cylce for eternty. Thus the way you lived your life will be a literal hell depending on the choices you made as you re-experience.

3) Living eternally in your own mind
another theory is the conciousness cannot die with the body, and thus you continue to dream or relive your experiences for all eternity. Thus the idea of hell in this case is living with remorse or guilt or find the good experirence to remember.

Debate Round No. 4


some could be drinking coffe right now means, no one is drinking coffe right now

there is no your and my logic, logic is matter now

now is real, now is matter, i know my experience of now



you can give me a story about hell, and stories are not matter.

concepts are not matter.

there is no life in my imagination, imagination is a dead nation


Wow sounds like you are living in hell right now! I guess you proved hells existance with your own philosophy.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
so its impossible that the sun will not rise?
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
i can at best believe what others tell me, as i have to imagine it

belief=be lie, as i dont know is true
i dont know=i have to imagine it=i can at best imagine it

Posted by TGambit 3 years ago
I dont know whats a matter with you :P har har har
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
information is the opposite of matter, know is matter
Posted by TGambit 3 years ago
Preston is a genious I wanted to quote him here:

Know is defined as " to be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information."

Information can be obtained from another and thus you can physically know something without physically experiencing it.

We know that everything will not disappear when we blink because it is literally impossible.
We know that the sun will rise again even though we've never experienced tomorrow.
We know history even though we never experienced it, because just because we don't individually experience something doesn't mean it only exists with us.

In order for my opponent to win they must show we cannot know anything we do not experience for our selves, AND that know is thus defined as a solely physical experience.
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
im not saying hell dosnt exist, im saying hell is not a thing
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
i cant touch, smell, see hear feel hell physically so i cant know it, hell is unknown
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
read the headline
Posted by ChickenBakuba 3 years ago
One thing I want to clarify b4 accepting is...

"i can at best believe in hell.. stories are not real, as i cant see, hear, touch the stories beyond the words being spoken or where ever you get the story from. belief is false, be lie, as i dont know is true, and i have no beliefs"

But do you truly believe in hell?

Do you "believe that a dog is inside your room right now, that you can't see"?

I do not like the words "I can at best believe"...

Sorry safety precautions =) Hope ya understand
Posted by ChickenBakuba 3 years ago
Hmm, interesting debate, and I want to accept, yet I hesitate lol

If the topic and your words were more specific..

I'm afraid of a loss .-.

Oh yeah why does everyone have the same picture of is that? A platypus standing upright?
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