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this house would ban physically violent sports

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Started: 9/15/2014 Category: Sports
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physically violent sports like boxing,martial arts really affects the peoples health .
Also many people try to imitate the people in such Programs as wrestling and end up getting hurt. USA statistics says 15000 deaths have taken place annually because of people imitating the sportsmen of boxing,wrestling,sword fighting etc.


Thank you, pro, for the debate.

As a fencer, and a boxer, I participate in physically violent sports. Not only have they kept me fit, and healthy at the same time, but these sports have given me skills which have proven life saving.

Remember, marital arts, boxing and other combat sports are designed either for
A) Safe competition


B) Self defense.

In regards to A, let us speak about the sport of fencing. The last man to die fencing was Vladimir Smirnov, who was a Russian foil fencer. After his death, in 1982, new safety regulations were implemented to make an incident like that impossible. Uniforms are now made of kevlar, and blades of carbon fiber and steel. This protects the fencer entirely, making it physically impossible for a blade to pierce a protective garment.

In the case of B, I have learnt the art of Boxing. Boxing is taught both for competition, with headgear, and for self defense. In boxing, there are specialized classes designed to assist you if you're assaulted
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Posted by Cpu502 3 years ago
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