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this method 2 stimulate human evolution would work to cause speciation

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Started: 9/7/2014 Category: Science
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this method to stimulate human evolution would work to cause speciation.

and the populations are small and large enough to not cause problems from inbreeding, or too large as to stall evolution.

a new society is created. it consists of new born to 30 year olds. only the best and the brightest 500 people from society are picked. intelligence and physical attributes. they do genetic testing on the people to ensure diseases and problems indicated by genes and family history are rooted out.

eighteen to thirty year olds are permitted to breed.

then the population of five hundred would be permitted to expand to five thousand. then by the time it got to five thousand, for each member that reaches 18, two are removed until the population goes back down to five hundred. this method of expansion and retraction would be put on repeat.

when a parent shows that it later develops a disease, that can disqualify the offspring as well.

eventually, this would lead to speciation.


Speciation occurs when branching populations accumulate sufficient genetic difference that interbreeding is impossible or impractical. For humans, it would require a few hundred thousand years of isolation to occur, and a couple of million to be certain.

Your proposed eugenics programme is not based on science.
Debate Round No. 1


how is it flawed?


Eugenics is unnecessary for speciation, and impractical over the time period required. Also, there is no empirical link between a person's genetics and their being "the best and brightest".
Debate Round No. 2


eugenics may be unnecessary, but done right it can help cause speciation. there is indeed a link between a person's genes and them being 'the best and the brightest'. genes track intelligence, and physical attraction too.
i'm afraid con's criticims don't hold up under much scrutiny.


No, eugenics has nothing to do with speciation. Speciation is all about genetic difference, which accumulates over time. Eugenics merely selects certain traits within the population; it doesn't increase the overall variation between them. Case in point: dogs and wolves. Despite extensive selective breeding, wolves and dogs can still interbreed with no biological problems whatsoever.

Also, I misspoke earlier. There is a link between genetics and intelligence, because there is a link between genetics and everything, but genetics is not the sole factor. In fact, the correlation is only strong when the two individuals compared have identical DNA, such as in the case of identical twins or when the same person is tested twice. Unless you're going to have a clone race and raise them all in identical environments, you simply cannot control how intelligent they will be. It just doesn't work like that.

There is a reason that scientists no longer advocate eugenics programmes, and that's because they don't work. Pro has not put forward a real argument here, and I believe I have utterly debunked her points.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Vajrasattva-LeRoy 3 years ago
Once again, thumbs down means NO, not Yes.

Speciation apparently requires the isolation of the group(s) from the
general population, not "the creation of a new society" ,
whatever that means.

Also, it apparently requires a fairly long period of time.
Do you & your group(s) have it?
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
If you mix a white person with a black, you will reap the mixture. Any mixture will reap the mix. Unless you mix a man with a man. Or a woman with a woman. All you will get there is VD.
Posted by MrJosh 3 years ago
Of course this would lead to speciation. Just about any selection method would lead to speciation.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
And I bet you would be one of the 500. I have yet to meet anyone who would qualify for that. Because we are all flawed. Or is this just a liberal dream of utopia.
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Reasons for voting decision: PRO offered no scientific basis for why his scheme is either useful or possible and did not rebut the arguments presented by CON. Further, PRO clearly misunderstood what speciation actually means in terms of biology, so his whole premise falls apart. Clear win for CON.