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users under 18 using Facebook

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Started: 4/18/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'd like to start my debate off my bringing up the topic of Facebook. I myself have a Facebook and I use it to keep in touch with family members over seas and in America. I also use Facebook connect with my friends and peers from college. Many people use this social network for similar reasons. Now age can become a factor when we are talking about children as young as middle school having a Facebook. Here I will explain some of my main reasoning against this. For starters, young users having a Facebook, I believe, is almost inappropriate. Not to say that all children are using this social network for bad things, but there are some who are. Cyber bulling has increased tremendously over the years and I believe that Facebook plays a huge roll in this. Children are making fun of one another on statuses, putting up inappropriate or embarrassing photos of one another, and bashing each other on there Facebook walls. I think that Facebook is just another outlet for children to bully one because they are not mature enough to understand the right way to behave on this sort of social network. Also, why does a child even need a Facebook? Was Facebook not created at first for a way for college students to "hook up?" I believe that after the age 18 it is more appropriate for a user to join Facebook, because by then there is reason to. Examples being what I had stated in the beginning. Facebook being used to keep in touch with family members and friends, especially if a person has moved or went away to college. I see absolutely no legit reason for a child to have a Facebook.


Thank you for instigating this interesting topic. I’d like to point out as a clarification for the readers that the issue at hand is whether users under 18 should be allowed to use Facebook. My opponent will be negating the resolution and I will be affirming it.

For this debate, I will be arguing that Social Networking Sites like Facebook have enormous benefits and contributions to society and modern communication. I’m under 18 who is studying in Europe away from my parents and I have Facebook. Why? Because it’s mainly to connect and communicate to my family and friends overseas. Not only that, I use it for reference and educational purposes. I’m subscribed to news and political pages to get some information about current events. With FB, school life is also easier since I can communicate with my classmates to get updated with assignments and exams (what to review, etc). Also, FB has apps and games for entertainment and leisure time to kill boredom. It very much gives a positive impact on life.

FB also helps people overcome social anxiety and be healthier by expressing themselves online. Anything’s possible in FB, people can express their opinions, ideas and interests here which makes it very popular. Next, I’d like to point out that billions of people are connected online. Banning underaged kids from Facebook is not only unnecessary, but it’s also unfeasible.

Basically, all my opponent argued in R1 are shallow hypotheticals and minor boo-boos of Facebook inhabited by the young generation. Facebook is for kids 13+. By this age, most kids know what they are doing. So, we shouldn’t ban underaged kids just because they troll around, and if cyber bullying occurs, we need to discipline the parties that are involved and responsible. We need to make anti-bullying laws stricter. Banning FB from minors won’t do any good since it will seriously harm the majority. We must consider the benefits of this popular Social Networking Site because it superiorly overrides its disadvantages.

I will let my opponent elaborate her contentions further next round then I will explain my premises more accurately after. Thanks and good luck!

Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for taking part in this debate.

Yesterday, I started to give some reasons for under 18 users to be restricted from using Facebook. Here I will give you many reasons to understand and dwell on.

Teenagers do not think before they act so they will have irrational or emotional status updates. Facebook user's would prefer updates to be insightful, funny, or useful. Most under 18 users are looking for attention or compliments with updates like " I'm bored, I feel fat, going to work" or seeking help with "life sucks right now," then please call a friend or go somewhere else. Have real human contact. It also gives a false sense of friendship and community. The lack of social contact, really gets to be troubling. It may lead to be the most pressing social problem of the new generation. Yes , Facebook does help to create bonds between people and family far and near, but it is still a much weaker, superficial bond than good phone call or face-to-face communication. Another dangerous thing for a developing teenager is the horrible human trait, but undeniable that we constantly judge, compare and analyze ourselves and one another. Facebook is the ultimate provider of that platform for its user's to do that. The constant fight to be the best and be number one on Facebook can be detrimental to your mental health, and Facebook can easily facilitate the desire to do so. The only advice for kids today is to be yourself and do your own thing, but Facebook makes that impossible. My last and crucial point is that being under 18 they do not understand the loss of privacy. Anything they post on the internet, including on Facebook, can potentially be accessed by anyone in the world. That is weird to me and they may not understand that. In addition, people you have not seen in years can know a lot about you, and contrast some lies. It also broadcasts about the last family vacation you went on, who your friends are before and now, how many tattoos and piercing you have, your relationship status now and prior, any bad experiences, underage alcohol or drug abuse,education history and more. Does your life experiences and achievements become invalid unless the entire internet world knows about them or approves them? Is this your real life or made up one? Facebook sometimes feels like you are reading other people diaries.

And lastly, I still firmly believe that there's nothing wrong with Facebook for adults. I do have one taunting last fact, I will share now and elaborate on in the near future, Facebook is an uncontrollable addiction for adults and kids. Let's protect our youth.


Thanks for responding. I’ll make this quick since character limit is 3000.


  • People under 18 are do not always post depressing stuffs

My opponent argued that teens do not think before they act. The argument is highly flawed since my opponent assumes that teens are dumb and gullible. I’m a teenager, but I think before I post. As I said, I use FB for different productive and positive purposes, not just for attention-whoring. Why should we ban FB to all underage kids just because some underaged kids posts depression online?

  • Modern Communication is vital to society

I’ve already explained this. As I said, Social Networking Sites are very beneficial. My opponent argues that it’s a weak form of communication. How so? Why would I want to waste a €500 flight ticket from Munich to Manila just to talk to my family if I can just talk to them online? Call it weak, but it’s cheaper, easier, faster and even better. There are some occasions where having an online conference makes life easier than having to set up a real life meeting.

  • Privacy Issues & Bullying

In regards to bullying, I already explained that children are safer if we discipline the parents and the parties involved. We also need more laws against bullying. Banning FB is unnecessary. In regards to the privacy issues, FB has a ToS, where you need to agree before signing up. Also, FB has its privacy settings which are easy to modify and change. Our info is safe as long as you know what you’re doing.

  • Facebook’s advantages override its disadvantages.

Already explained, please extend. If we ban the #1 most popular website from minors, a huge fiasco may arise, which is more disastrous than you think. Also, as I said, it’s infeasible if we ban FB to the underaged.

  • Banning FB is a breach to rights and deprives the youth of certain opportunities

We have the right to communicate, to express one self, to choose and to access the internet. FB is a tool that exercises those rights. If we ban FB to the youth, we would be violating their rights.


CON’s arguments are very shallow and lack accuracy, please extend my previous arguments that weren’t refuted by my opponent previously.

Banning FB to minors does not protect the youth, it would just make their lives more bad.

Thanks and good luck!

Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for responding.

I think you are missing the obvious point before my conclussion. You say it is used by yourself to communicate with family because a trip to see them would be too costly and not practical. That is true and understandable. We have skype and e-mail for that. But let me not go off track.

Facebook studies are still underway and we will know the truth eventually. Some studies I have found show some serious side effects for teens. An article I read by Dr. Marion Underwood (leading the study of digital teen communication) she says that "Facebook communication are lacking, the structure of Facebook has the potential to provide great social satisfaction but also painful social rejection," "Facebook allows users to customize an online profile with information about relationships, activities, likes and dislikes, and numerous photographs, all of which are visible and available for comments posted by others for all to see. Comments can be positive but also negative. Also Facebook can also be used for intentional, public bullying," she said. "Facebook users can post negative remarks on others' walls or make hurtful comments about others' pictures that can be viewed by all of that person's friends." What I'm trying to get at is that teen years are fragile time in the growth cycle of life.

You say you use Facebook for news and updates, reference and educational purposes. That is called a computer or library, and TV to most of us.

I believe Facebook has actually made people more distant physically because it hurts a your ability to communicate effectively in person and relate. Isn't it a whole hell of a lot easier to stand up for a cause by joing a group than stating your point of view on a website for your friends and family to see. Social networking sites give people a false sense of being intimate, confident and independent. It has also made people less rounded or equipped with the qualities to use our ability to filter our influences. In such a controlled environment people don't have the experiences that really help you form a sound opinion and communicate effectively. If someone offends you with their comment (no matter if it's true are not) you can easily ignore it and move on to the next one. Social Networking sites have made people more closed minded.

I would not completely ban the youth from Facebook but make the user meet or fit to more stringent criteria.

Thanks and good luck! Next round is the second to last TKO!!


Thanks for your response.

My opponent cited a study which a Doctor Underwood stated that the activities posted in FB are for everyone to see and therefore a bad thing. Not really, since anyone can edit their privacy settings. Facebook, like other social netwoking sites have upsides and downsides. Users may receive positive or negative feedback from others. But does that mean that we should totally ban them to teens? Again, no.

I stated that FB can be used for educational purposes, my opponent refuting that statement by saying we have other references like the library is irrelevant.

My opponent believes that FB made people more physically distant and gives people a false sense on getting better socially and makes people more closed minded.

Since my no sources and accurate references were cited here and it's a he-says-she-says, let me start by introducing the study of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, where they stated that social networking sites helped 60 million people on major life issues via contacting friends and experts online.


Also, according to the National School Board Association, 59% of students use social networking sites for educational purposes. This highly supersedes my opponent's assumption that teens only use social networking sites for negative stuffs.


Bottomline, my opponent just repeated her argument which I already previously refuted. Again, just because FB may harm its users does not mean we should affect the majority.

Sorry for it being short, really busy IRL. No time to write.
Debate Round No. 3


I waited to respond to give my opponent some extra time from a busy weekend, and including myself, it's a lot of work and writing papers etc...

Back to the topic at hand.

I haven't really touched on personal information as a another deterrent. When people first create a new Facebook account, and it asks you for all of your personal information such as your address, phone number, and email, people don't usually think before submitting in the information. This is dangerous for kids and an easy way for a person to stalk you because they now know a lot about you, and how to contact you. Of course you can hide your profile and limit the access to certain people, but its not really the same once you submit the information.

Even though Facebook has an age restriction, people on the internet lie about their age and decide to make an account anyways. Sometimes kid's parents know what's best and when they tell their kids that Facebook is not a safe networking site to be on, people go right ahead and make it anyways and sneak around on it hoping not to get caught. It is also dangerous because other people can see it. Kids also add random people that might stalk them so there is the danger of being stalked by a stranger. Kids can get cyber bullied online by their friends from school or a stranger. There is the risk that anyone can see your profile and all you picture and do something with those pictures of you. I think that the age you should have Facebook is at age 18 and on, because I think you are old enough to know all the dangers of online accounts. There are way more examples I can give, but these are a few that are the most important. My little cousin says he cannot focus on homework and other school activities that are done on the computer and get's sidetracked onto Facebook and doesn't get work done.

Another way to try and prevent many issues is to have facebook verify with parents its under-age use .Facebook is harmful for children of all ages.They are unaware of its dangers and can easily become prey. Also, children might unwillingly or unknowingly disclose information about their lives and this could result in physical harassment.Parents try to protect their children from explicit contents and on facebook that is impossible.I am aware that children are exposed to all sorts of inappropriate behavior on a daily basis, both through media and Internet. Unfortunately, that cannot be controlled, but their access to facebook can.Many children already have accounts, some even with parental permission.I believe that if children must have accounts it should be with maximum parental supervision.I am not a parent, but I have used Internet since I was six and have been a facebook user since the age of 13. I have had unpleasant experiences with many social networks and chat rooms(surely you must think those aren't places for children, but I was curious, as any child is) I must say the idea of facebook is fantastic, but facebook itself is often abused


I apologize, due to irl stuffs, I have to pass this round.

I'll summarize my rebuttal and case in R5.
Debate Round No. 4


No need to apologize, I hope you get everything you need completed.
I will re-iterate and show some of my key points and hope you can see my point of view. A Facebook account is a gateway to the whole Internet. It's impossible to isolate yourself or your account from the rest of the world (internet), links and simple click on ads are everywhere. If you think your sibling , child, friend, cousin, etc... is too young to explore the Internet unless supervised or cannot be trusted to remain within the Facebook environment, then a Facebook account is a very bad idea. Beware of friends of friends or sexual predators. Often times it's not your friends that are the problem, it's friends of friends. When you accept a friend request, make sure you check out their page and their list of friends. (If you are friends with someone, you need to be careful with your page too!) And in my opinion Facebook addicted students are not among popular students who take part in sports and in other Highschool or College and or University events.

Facebook users love the site because they can run their social lives through it, and because they can present themselves to the world in the way they wish to be seen (fakebook). This huge attraction has it's dark sides. While a user can say anything they like about themselves, others can say anything they don't like about them. Cyberbullying is a problem no one knows how to fix. Children have always dealt with feuds and social isolation (you can fight a bully in person, how do you on the web?), but now those can happen publicly and indelibly. It's hard enough for teens to deal with this, it's really too cruel to expose younger ones too.

Bullying only affects a few we all think, but everyone is affected by Facebook essential disregard for human emotions. The constant need to manage one's image, and the underlying sense of social competition the site creates. Last week I sat on a train next to a woman on the cell phone who spent almost 30minutes complaining to her mom about how dumb her friends' boastful updates and online conversations made her feel. Big "revelation people" people don't confess sadness and loneliness on Facebook, as they do to real friends, and that can make a teenager and all of us unhappier as we assume that other people's lives are more successful and fun than our own.

Image and become to the realization that what goes on Facebook can be there forever and passed along to the world to ridicule you endlessly. Pictures or statements that look cool to your peer group today could be horribly compromising in the future. It's ridiculous to expect young children to be making sophisticated judgments about the effects of what they release online. And that's even before we get to the pedophile issue, which I will not discuss. Children might want this,but they're not ready for it. They need protection.

Thanks for the Debate!! Cheers to the future to all!!!! Goodluck!


jm_notguilty forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by zach12 6 years ago
Too bad most of the people on this site are under 18. Not gonna find many supporters here.
Posted by zach12 6 years ago
Too bad most of the people on this site are under 18. Not gonna find many supporters here.
Posted by AlwaysMoreThanYou 6 years ago
I would just like to submit that I am under 18, yet I use Facebook to remain in contact with all my friends in the states.
Posted by Deathbeforedishonour 6 years ago
Another enemy of Liberty? Seriously? What is happening to this site..
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